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Visa for NYU Florence

Florence, Italy

Have you been accepted to NYU Florence? Congratulations! Read on to find out how to get your visa for Italy. For information on program details and living recommendations, contact the Office of Global Programs or go to the NYU Florence page.

PLEASE NOTE: The following resources are intended for students attending a semester or full academic year at NYU Florence through the Office of Global Programs or their school or division.

If you are a incoming First Year student in Liberal Studies, you will work directly with Liberal Studies to obtain your visa.

Find out if you need a visa

All students attending NYU Florence must obtain a Long-Stay Student Visa before traveling to Italy (unless you are an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen traveling on a valid EU, EEA, or Swiss passport).

Important: Italian Consulates require in-person appointments for all students except those who participate in Group Processing through the Office of Global Services. You must reserve an individual appointment well in advance through the consulate's website where you will submit your application.

How long it takes to get a visa

The earliest time to apply for your Italian visa is 90 days before the NYU Florence program start date. The Italian Consulate generally takes one month to process visas.

Prepare before you apply

Step 1

Make sure you have a valid passport.

If you do not have a passport or need to renew yours, use an expedited method to obtain it immediately. OGS will not be able to request the necessary immigration documents for you until you have a valid passport.

Step 2

Complete the Student Information Form.

Complete with personal information exactly as it appears on your passport.  

Step 3

Submit a copy of the photo & signature pages of your passport to OGS.


Step 4
Receive visa supporting documents from the OGS.

Obtain supporting documentation from OGS which includes your acceptance letters (one in Italian and one in English) and proof of health insurance. These documents are required for your visa application.

Apply for a visa

Step 1

Find out which consulate you will visit to apply for your visa.

  • NYU students can apply in NY at the Italian Consulate in New York
  • Search the Italian Consulates in the U.S. to determine where your local consulate is. You will have to prove your residency in the consulate’s jurisdiction with your driver’s license or student ID.
  • If you are an international student and plan to apply for your visa in your home country, please contact OGS immediately. Many Italian Consulates worldwide will not issue a visa to students who have been outside of their home country for more than 6 months (i.e. in New York for school). 

Step 2

Complete your visa application.

  • If you are applying at the the Italian Consulate in New York, fill out this visa application.
  • If you are applying an Italian consulate outside of New York, refer to their website for application details.

Step 3

Determine if you are eligible to have the OGS submit your visa application on your behalf.

  • If you are a U.S. citizen who lives or goes to school in the areas listed for the New York, Philadelphia, or Miami Consulates' jurisdictions, you can have the OGS submit your visa application for you.
  • If you are an international student and/or you will apply for your Italian visa at a consulate that is not in New York, Philadelphia, or Miami, you must apply for your visa on your own.

Step 4

Receive your visa.

  • If you have the OGS submit your visa application on your behalf, we will email you when your passport and visa are ready to be picked up from our office.
  • If you are applying for a visa on your own, when you retrieve your passport from the Italian consulate, you will receive a stack of stamped documents with your passport. These are needed for the Permesso di Soggiorno (Italian residency permit). Keep these documents safe and bring them to Italy in your carry-on luggage.
    • Make 3 copies of your passport photo page, 4 copies of your visa, and have 4 passport photos with you as well. You will need these documents in addition to those returned from the consulate to apply for your Italian residency permit. The NYU Florence staff will assist you on this once you arrive in Italy.
  • If you are a citizen of the EU, you don't need to complete the process to get an Italian residency permit, but you will need to register with the local city council after you arrive in Florence. The NYU Florence staff will assist you with this process.

Please note that different consulates have different requirements. You should visit the website of your local consulate or embassy to make sure you have everything you need.

Special note for international students:

If you are an F-1 student, to keep your F-1 status while abroad, you must:

  • Register as a full-time student.
  • Keep a local US address in Albert.
  • Get a travel signature on your I-20 before departing the US.
  • Check your F-1 visa to ensure it will be valid when you plan to return to the US. If you need a new one, review how to renew your U.S. visa.
  • Continue to check your NYU email while you're outside of the US. It's the only way we could contact you if there is any issue with your immigration record.
  • Talk to an advisor at the OGS prior to leaving if you want to work in the US right after you return.

If you are a J-1 student:

  • You must contact us immediately for guidance if you wish to study abroad for a semester or year.

Are you an international student and want to study or travel outside the US for more than 5 months? Contact us.