Check Passport Requirements

  • Must be valid for 6 months beyond the end of the semester or academic year away.  
  • Your passport must contain at least two completely empty visa pages to accommodate the visa.
  • If your passport does not meet these requirements, you must renew it immediately. How do I obtain a new or renewed passport?

Upload Your Passport Bio Page

Once you have a valid passport that fits the criteria listed above, you are required to upload a copy of the signature and bio page(s) of your passport in your Enrollment Portal. Please make sure your passport is signed before you upload it.

OGS will not be able to produce the required immigration support documents you will need for your visa application until you have uploaded this document. Please see the sample to the right.

PLEASE NOTE: Per immigration regulations, all immigration documents (NYU support letters, visas, residence permits, etc.) will reflect the information indicated in your passport. If you have been admitted to study at an NYU site abroad and are in the process of changing your name, gender, or any biographical information on your passport, we encourage you to complete that process before applying for a visa. If timing will not allow for this, we recommend that you wait to formalize these changes until you have returned from your semester or academic year away. Please contact OGS if you have any questions.