Research Abroad

Are you a graduate student who plans to do research outside of the US? Want to know how to keep your F-1/J-1 visa and status in the US active while doing this research?

If you are an F-1 or J-1 international student, and you will do research outside of the US, you must report this to the Office of Global Services. We will then provide you with information on whether you can keep your F-1 or J-1 record active while you are away.

F-1 Students

Get a letter of support from your academic advisor or director of graduate studies which confirms:

  • the timeframe you will be outside the US,
  • the purpose of your research,
  • that you will pursue research on a full-time basis,
  • when you are expected to return to NYU,
  • what you will have remaining to do at NYU upon your return,
  • your anticipated completion date.
Once you have the letter, provide a copy to OGS.


How to keep your F-1 status active while you are away:

  • Register as a full-time student at NYU every semester.
  • Keep a local US address in Albert at all times.
  • Keep a local US phone number in Albert at all times.
  • Get a travel signature on your I-20 before departing the US.
  • Continue to check your NYU email while you are outside of the US. It's the only way we would contact you if there is any issue with your immigration record.


What to do when you want to return to the US:

  • Contact us at least two months prior to your return to let us know you’re coming back.
  • Check your F-1 entry visa to see if it will be valid when you plan to return to the US. If your visa will expire before your return, renew your US visa.
  • Present your immigration documents to the OGS for review upon your return to NYU.


If you want to work immediately upon returning to the US:

You need to be physically present in the US if you want to apply for any F-1 off-campus work authorization. Remember, it usually takes 3-5 months to get authorization to work. If you think that you may want to work immediately after your coming back to the US, talk to an advisor at the OGS prior to leaving to discuss how you can make this possible.

J-1 Students

Contact us with your research or study abroad plans. Be sure to tell us how long you plan to be away for. We will then let you know if and how you can keep your J-1 status active while outside of the US.