Change of Major or Degree Level

You need a new I-20 from OGS if you have recently changed your academic program by either 1) completing one program or degree and beginning another NYU program, or 2) changing campus from/to Washington Square, Brooklyn, DC, or the English Language Institute (ELI).

F-1 students changing majors at the same degree level and at the same campus do not need to apply for a new I-20.  OGS will issue you an updated I-20 once the new program information is in Albert (typically 2 months after the start of the semester).  Once you receive your updated I-20, check your program end date. If you need more time to finish your new program, be sure to review our information extending your program

F-1 students dropping to a lower degree level must speak with an OGS advisor about this change.

J-1 students sponsored by NYU and changing programs must speak with an OGS advisor once admitted to a new program.

If you are not sure whether to request a new I-20 or not, please consult with an OGS advisor.  

Academic Changes That Require a New I-20

Change of Program

If you completed a program or degree at NYU and are beginning another program.  If your new program is at another NYU campus, apply for a change of program.  This also includes post-completion OPT students who previously completed a program or degree at NYU and will begin another program.  

Internal Transfer

If you will change your campus from/to another NYU campus (Washington Square, Brooklyn, DC, and the English Language Institute)

How to apply

You can apply for your new I-20 as soon as you have been admitted to a new program.  The deadline to apply is 30 days from your current I-20 program end date, and you should have your new I-20 before your new program begins. 


Please compile and scan these documents:

  • Your passport photo page
  • Bank statements proving you have sufficient funds to pay for one year at NYU. Find your school’s estimated expenses
  • Your I-94 (if you are currently in the US)
  • Your NYU admission letter if you are applying for a Change of Program I-20
  • A receipt showing you paid for the $50 application fee if you are applying for an Internal Transfer from the English Language Institute (ELI)
  • Your shipping fee receipt (if applicable)


Submit a New I-20 for Academic Change request form below.  Select appropriate request reason.

Once OGS receives your request for a new I-20, it takes 5 business days to process your request. If approved, we email you the details of when and how to get your new I-20 or DS-2019 with the updated program information.