Did you lose the Employment Authorization Document (EAD) you received from the US government? Maybe you never received it because it was lost in the mail? Follow these instructions to get a new card mailed to you as soon as possible.

Once you follow this process, you are allowed to use the receipt notice you receive from the US government for your replacement application as an I-9 document for up to 90 days of employment. See the USCIS I-9 Receipt web page for more details. However, we advise you NOT to travel internationally while waiting for a replacement EAD card.


Get a new I-20 from the Office of Global Services.

To get a new I-20, please contact us. Be sure to also attach a completed document release form.



Gather and prepare all the items you need to send in your application to the government to replace a lost or stolen EAD.

Each document you print for your application should be single-sided. Gather and prepare these items for your OPT application:

  • Two passport-style photographs (name, date of birth, I-94 card number and SEVIS number written on the back). Photos must be taken within the last 30 days and cannot have previously been used for a passport, visa, or other US government-related application.
  • A check or money order for $410 made payable to the US Department of Homeland Security. If paying by check, be sure that your name and address are pre-printed on it. If you have to hand write in either your name or address on the check then we recommend getting a money order instead. Write SEVIS ID on check/money order. Do NOT send your money order separate from the application the money order is for. Your money order should be included with your other application materials.
  • A completed Form G-1145.
  • A completed Form I-765 (the link takes you to the main page for both accessing the form and the government's instructions on how to complete the Form I-765); Be sure to review our I-765 explained so that you fill out the form correctly. It’s best to type your information into the form, print it, then sign it.
  • A photocopy of the new I-20 with the OGS OPT recommendation on it.
  • A photocopy of your F-1 visa (except for citizens of Canada and Bermuda)
  • A photocopy of your passport identification page, clearly indicating your passport name, nationality, date of birth, and the passport expiration date
  • Your printed I-94 record, clearly indicating that you are in F-1 status
  • Photocopies of any previously-issued Employment Authorization Document (EAD), if applicable.
  • A copy of the approval notice you received for your OPT application AND a copy of the barcode sheet that came with your EAD (if possible)
  • A letter to the US government explaining the circumstances, including a copy of a police report (if applicable). If you never received the EAD card at all, be sure to clearly state that in the letter.


Send your replacement application to the US government.

Send your application to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services by FedEx or UPS. USCIS must receive it within 30 days of the date your I-20 was issued.

You can use eShipGlobal to get your shipping label at a discounted rate. Learn how to use eShipGlobal. Register with eShipGlobal to get started.

Mail your application to the Direct Filing Address for Form I-765 listed for foreign students.

If you decide NOT to apply for or use your OPT, you must notify us. If you fail to notify us, your ability to work in the US in the future could be denied. 



Confirm the US government received your application and track your application status.

Receive an electronic receipt from USCIS within 2-3 weeks and a paper receipt within 3-5 weeks.