In certain circumstances on-campus employment may include off-campus (non-NYU) sites under "extended" on-campus employment. This applies if you are a graduate student working at a non-NYU site but you are being paid through a research grant or contractual agreement between your academic department or program and an outside firm or organization. The research project must be directly related to your graduate studies and appropriate to your degree level, and your work must be supervised by your academic advisor.  

Who Can Apply

You Must

  • Be a full-time F-1 student at NYU currently pursuing a graduate level degree,
  • Have a valid, unexpired I-20 from NYU,
  • Have a valid, unexpired passport,
  • Have an I-94 record indicating you are in F-1 status
  • Have the support of your academic department

How to Apply

Step 1

Discuss the details of your proposed extended on-campus employment with your academic department. If they are supportive, get a letter from your academic department confirming:

  • The educational affiliation with your proposed job is either associated with the program’s established curriculum OR related to a contractually funded research project
    • If associated with the program’s established curriculum, the letter must confirm the name of the NYU department
    • If related to a contractually funded research project, the letter must include the name of the NYU professor who will supervise the work
  • Employment is an integral part of the student’s educational program
  • Details of the employment information, including
    • Position title
    • Educational affiliation name
    • Educational affiliation address
    • Employment start and end dates (please note, a maximum of one year can be authorized per application)

Step 2

Email the following to

  • A copy of your academic support letter
  • A copy of your passport photo/biography page
  • A copy of your I-94 record

Step 3

Receive a work authorization letter from OGS. Keep this letter with your immigration documents and save for your records even after the extended on-campus employment authorization period has ended. You may need it for future reference as proof that you were authorized to work during this period of time.