Got an on-campus job or want to learn more about if you can work at NYU? Review the information based on your F-1 or J-1 status for all the needed details.

F-1 Students


F-1 Students can work on-campus if you:

  • are a full-time student in an NYU degree or certificate program for which you were issued an I-20
  • have a valid, unexpired I-20 from NYU
  • have a valid, unexpired passport
  • have an I-94 record indicating you are in F-1 status

There is no "waiting period" before you are allowed to accept an on-campus job. You must have a Social Security number before you can be paid. Find out how to apply for a Social Security Number if you don't already have one.

Students studying at ALI:

  • Students who are studying at NYU’s ALI (American Language Institute) and hold an ALI I-20-form may be employed on-campus until the last day of their final English language course. 
  • Students who will continue studying at NYU after completing their English language proficiency requirement must submit the ALI I-20 to OGS Transfer Form upon completing their language requirements to continue on-campus employment. 
  • After receiving the Transfer I-20 from OGS, students should visit the Wasserman Center for Career Development to complete an updated I-9 form.

J-1 Students


J-1 Students can work on-campus if you:

  • have a valid, unexpired DS-2019 from NYU (NYU is listed as the program sponsor in item 2 of your DS-2019)
  • are a full-time student
  • have a valid, unexpired passport
  • have an I-94 record that indicates you are in J-1 status
  • have a letter from your on-campus employer that states:
    • your employer name and address
    • the number of hours you will work per week
    • the begin and end dates of your employment
    • the type of employment (for example, adjunct instructor or hourly student worker)

    Before beginning work on-campus, you must bring all these items to the OGS during advising hours for review by an advisor. Once we authorize your employment and you get a J-1 on-campus employment letter, you may then begin to work.

    If you change jobs, you must submit an updated employment offer letter to the OGS. You must have a Social Security Number before you can be paid.

    Find out how to apply for a Social Security Number if you don't already have one.

Where to Look for On-Campus Jobs

NYU has many different kinds of on-campus jobs available. These jobs include office assistants, IT techs, designers, newspaper reporters, and more. Three ways to find employment include: 

Find Job

  • NYU CareerNet: this is an online job and internet database, and is a great resource for searching for on-campus student employment, part-time jobs, internships, and full-time jobs after graduation.
  • WayUp is another database you can search to find short-term, temporary, and part-time student positions at NYU.
  • Ask around: check with your academic department, friends at NYU, any student service office you may use (including us at the OGS!) to see if anyone is hiring. If so, be prepared to have your resume and a cover letter ready. The Wasserman Center has some useful tips on how to prepare for the job search.

What the Hiring Process Looks Like at NYU

Once you get a job offer on campus, you’ll need to complete the steps listed to be able to start working at get paid.

Process Timeline

  1. Get a letter from your supervisor that provides the details of your on-campus employment position. This letter should include your start date, hourly rate, name, phone number, and address of supervisor. This letter will be needed to both apply for a Social Security Number (if you don’t already have one) and to register to work on campus.
  2. Apply for a Social Security Number if you don’t already have one. You can find the details on how to apply as an international student on our Social Security Number page.
  3. Register to work on campus. You will need to either follow the process for “initial appointment form B” or “reappointment form A.” Details on this process can be found on the Wasserman Center for Career Development’s On-Campus Employment page.
  • Go to Wasserman Center with
    • Either the receipt from the Social Security Card Center showing you applied for an SSN or your SSN card (if you already have an SSN),
    • the original offer letter from your employer,
    • your passport,
    • your I-20 or DS-2019,
    • and a printout of your I-94 record
  • Complete I-9 form / on-boarding tasks online in Wasserman Center with the help of staff
  • Provide your required information and complete the necessary forms using GLACIER. You will receive an email from about how to use the NYU GLACIER Online Tax Compliance System after the approval of your On-Campus student employee application within 7 business days. You must submit this information before NYU is able to pay you so that the correct tax withholding and reporting decisions are made. If you don’t complete the instructions in this email, it may result in you having the maximum rate of tax withheld from your pay and/or delayed payment from NYU. Information provided to GLACIER is transmitted, stored securely, and will only be used by New York University for purposes of tax withholding and reporting.

Requirements of Working On-Campus

As stated above, if you are an F-1 student and you meet all of the criteria above, you do NOT need to obtain specific authorization from the OGS. Speak to your hiring department's administrator to complete the necessary forms. If you are a J-1 student, you must get authorization from the OGS for on-campus work. 


  • You can work a maximum of 20 hrs/week during Fall or Spring semesters. During the summer and winter break periods, you can work over 20 hours per week. Some NYU teaching positions (e.g., Code 102 Instructors) are considered "full-time" and therefore are not available to international students as on-campus employment. Check detailed information of working hours and more of On-Campus Employment here.
  • Your employment may take place at any NYU office or department, or a commercial firm located at NYU that provides direct services to students (e.g., the NYU bookstore). On-campus employment also includes graduate assistantships or teaching as an adjunct at NYU.
  • Students on Post Completion Optional Practical Training and Post Completion Academic Training may pursue work directly related to their field of study. Graduate students who have graduated must be rehired in a different manner in order to continue their current work on-campus after graduation. Speak with the Wasserman Center On-Campus Employment Specialist to determine what the process is for your continued employment.

For Ph.D. students

In certain circumstances on-campus employment may include off-campus (non-NYU) sites under "extended" on-campus employment. This applies if you are working at a non-NYU site but you are being paid through a research grant or contractual agreement between your academic Academic Department / Program and an outside firm or organization. The research project must be directly related to your studies and appropriate to your degree level, and your work must be supervised by your academic advisor.