Academic training is a form of work authorization available to J-1 students, and is for paid and unpaid work off-campus. The training must be a direct application of your coursework and/or research to a professional position in your field of study. 

Academic Training can be divided into two basic categories:
  • Pre-completion - Training you do before you finish your degree.
  • Post-completion - Training you do after you complete your degree.

Who Can Apply

You must:
  • Be a full-time J-1 student at NYU,
  • Have an offer for a qualified training position in your field of study,
  • Confirm that your primary purpose in the US is to study rather than to work,
  • Continue to follow the requirements of your academic program,
  • Have a valid, activated DS-2019 from NYU and otherwise be in J-1 status, and
  • Apply prior to starting the employment.
If applying for Post-Completion, you must:
  • Have been a full-time J-1 student and completed your program
  • Have an offer for a qualified training position in your field of study. If you do not have a training offer, you cannot apply for academic training.
  • Provide financial documentation showing that you are capable of meeting your living expenses while on Academic Training. Living expenses are $2,538 per month, in addition to any dependent expenses, if applicable.
  • Provide evidence of health insurance coverage during the requested post-completion Academic Training period. The insurance must comply with the J-1 regulatory requirements.
  • Apply for Academic Training before you complete your studies
  • Not have any "gaps" in employment. That is, if you change employers, the work period must be uninterrupted. 

How Long Academic Training Lasts

J-1 students are granted up to 18 months of academic training to be used on a pre-completion and/or post-completion basis. Note the following exceptions:

  • The length of your academic training may not exceed the length of your program's classroom time. For example, if your J-1 program is only 12 months, you cannot receive more than 12 months of Academic Training.
  • Ph.D. students may be eligible for a second 18 months of academic training, for a total of 36 months. The second 18 months can only be applied toward post-completion Academic Training, i.e., for qualified positions following completion of all requirements for the degree.
  • There is no distinction between "part-time" or "full-time" academic training. Every month that you are authorized is deducted as a month used, regardless of whether or not the position is part-time or full-time.

Learn More about Academic Training before You Apply

Attend an Academic Training Workshop

Learn about eligibility requirements and the basics of a successful Academic Training application. If no workshop listed works with your schedule, check our recorded workshops page to view an Academic Training workshop previously recorded.

How to Apply

Step 1

Obtain an offer letter from your employer
This letter must state:
  • Your position name, the company name and address, the supervisor's name, email, and telephone number, the dates of employment, the number of hours you will work weekly, and your salary

Step 2

Discuss your offer with your NYU academic advisor

Your advisor must know the details of your proposed position as they will need to verify them as part of your Academic Training request. You will need to provide the email address of your academic advisor once you submit your request to OGS.

Step 3

Submit Online Request to OGS for Academic Training

Submit this online request to OGS for a DS-2019 and Academic Training Letter.

If applying for Pre-Completion or Post-Completion Academic Training, you must include the following:
  • Your passport, I-94 record, and DS-2019(s)
  • Your employer's letter
If you are applying for Post-Completion Academic Training you must ALSO include:
  • Evidence of health insurance coverage, as required by the J-1 regulations, must be provided for the post-completion academic training period. Find out more about the J insurance requirements. Please note, insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act do NOT meet the minimum J insurance requirements. If you need to find health insurance, see these health insurance plans. NYU and the OGS do not endorse any one particular company.
  • Evidence of financial support to cover living expenses of at least $2,538 per month

OGS will evaluate your application. If eligible, an advisor will issue a work authorization letter and issue a new DS-2019 if needed to extend your stay.

Step 4

Once you have authorization for Academic Training, Apply for a Social Security Number if you don't already have one. You must have a Social Security Number before you can be paid.

Note: Social Security Number applications will not be accepted if there are less than fourteen (14) days of Academic Training remaining.

Early Termination, Extension of, or Changing Jobs while on Academic Training

If you resign from your Academic Training or are terminated prior to the expiration of your authorized period, you must notify an OGS advisor immediately.

If you wish to extend your Academic Training, you must speak to an OGS advisor prior to the expiration of your current authorized period.

If you wish to change jobs during your Academic Training, you must submit a completely new application to the OGS.