The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a tax processing number used by the US government’s tax division: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You need an ITIN if you are not eligible for a Social Security Number so that you can meet your tax filing obligations. An ITIN is used primarily for tax filing purposes and is not a form of work authorization. 

Who needs an ITIN 

An ITIN is required for international students who are receiving non-employment based income (such as scholarships, dividends, royalties, etc.) and do not have a Social Security Number.

For students receiving scholarships or fellowships from NYU, your department should help you fill out the proper paperwork in Glacier so that you can start the ITIN process. If your department has not helped you file through Glacier, please reach out to NYU Tax Services at so they can help you start the process and determine the appropriate method for applying for the ITIN (in-person meeting, filing with your tax return, or visiting a taxpayer assistance center). If you received a grant from outside of NYU, you would need to apply for an ITIN by following the instructions on the IRS website or you would need to apply for one when you file your US tax paperwork.

For students receiving a US-sourced scholarship, fellowship, or grant that is not from NYU, please follow the steps below. You should also follow this process if you or your dependents received any passive income (like earnings gained from gambling, rental properties, etc.) and you don’t otherwise qualify for or have a Social Security number.

How to Get a Certification Letter for Your ITIN Application 

Step 1

Retrieve your W-7 for the ITIN application

Go to our Tax page to follow the instructions for filing federal taxes. Use the Sprintax link to initiate the process. Sprintax will ask you a series of questions that will identify you as needing an ITIN. Once you have completed answering the questions, Sprintax will provide you with the Form W-7 you need for your ITIN application and will prompt you to come to OGS for your No Employment Letter to submit as part of your ITIN application to the US government. Note: Sprintax is available from February to June. Consult a tax professional if you need help to file taxes outside this period. 

Step 2

Bring the following documents to our Advising Hours

  • A completed Form W-7
    • Sprintax should help you complete the form. ​​OGS Advisers are not tax professionals, but we can check it for completeness.
    • Print, sign, and date the W-7. Make sure your signature matches the signature in your passport.
  • Your original passport AND a copy of the passport bio page*
  • Your original visa AND a copy of your visa stamp* (Canadian and Bermudian citizens are required to submit a secondary form of identification. A chart of acceptable supporting documents may be found on page 2 of the Instructions for W-7)
  • Your original, most recent I-20/DS-2019 and a copy of your most recent I-20/DS-2019*
  • Copy of your most recent I-94 record
  • A copy of your scholarship, fellowship, or grant award letter noting the amount of the award​
  • If you have had other passive income (gambling, dividends, royalties, etc.), review the exceptions in the W-7 instruction appendices and provide the supporting income documents. Include a signed letter from your withholding agent per the W-7 instructions.
  • If applicable, any tax documents or government correspondence that you have received if you have already applied for an ITIN in the past.

* The OGS advisor will hold on to copies of your immigration documents. Original documents will be returned.

An OGS advisor must view your original immigration documents in person in order to provide you with the No Employment Letter needed for your application. Your immigration documents must be valid and cannot be expired. Processing time for a Certification Letter is about 5 business days. OGS will email you when the Certification Letter is ready for pick up, and will provide further instructions. 

Step 3

Pick up and review your documents

Review your No Employment Letter to ensure your name and SEVIS ID are correct. Make suggested changes to your W-7 if indicated in our pick up email. 

Step 4

Send your ITIN documents to the IRS

Mail your documents to the Internal Revenue Service. Your application must be postmarked by the tax filing deadline. Processing times for ITIN applications are typically 5 weeks with longer processing times during peak tax season. 

Step 5

After your ITIN has been issued to you

Once your ITIN application has been approved by the IRS and you receive the card in the mail, please visit one of the NYU StudentLink Centers with your physical ITIN card to update your information. You will need to bring the original document with you in order for them to make the change in your account. Tax documents issued to you by NYU will then list your ITIN number.