Make sure to explore your employment options based on your status as an F-1 or J-1 student. Once you get a job, make sure you get a Social Security Number (if you don't already have one). And don't forget about your tax responsibilities.

Off-Campus Employment

Resources on Working in the US

For free information on how to look for a job and advice on US-style resumes and cover letters, connect with the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development.

International Students and Entrepreneurship

Thinking of starting your own business? If you're an F-1 student on OPT, you may be able to become a self-employed business owner in limited circumstances. Unfortunately, this type of advising is beyond our area of expertise. So, if you're serious about getting a business started, discuss your plans with an immigration attorney who works with a corporate attorney. See international students and entrepreneurship for more information about your options while you are in F-1 status. You can also find information on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Entrepreneur Visa Guide which itemizes US visa options beyond F-1 and J-1 status. 

Because starting your own business constitutes work, you MUST have employment authorization PRIOR TO starting your own business. Students in F-1 status must qualify and apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) if they plan to start a business. The business must relate to your program of study and can occur either before or after the completion of your program of study. For more information about international students and entrepreneurship, see this US government resource.