Can’t make it to our office? Out of the NYC area and need to speak with an OGS advisor one-on-one? Schedule an online appointment!  

Please note that this service is intended for newly admitted and currently enrolled NYU students in addition to NYU alumni. If you are a prospective student, please review NYU admissions information. If you are an NYU staff or faculty member, please contact us.

Make an Online Appointment

To make an appointment, simply go to our OGS Online Advising Appointment Calendar and choose the day and time that work best for you.

Pro Tips:

  • Pay attention to the time zone when you schedule your appointment.
  • Make only one appointment at a time. If you make multiple appointments in the same week, all but your soonest next scheduled appointment will be removed from the calendar to allow for other students to take those appointment slots.

To Better Prepare for Your Appointment

  • Before the meeting, please review how to join a zoom meeting if you haven’t used Zoom before.
  • At your scheduled appointment time, be sure to have a good internet connection (WiFi is recommended) and a quiet place, if possible, to speak.
  • Having a headset or earphones can help make your surroundings less distracting and minimize the noise level around you.
  • Go to the Zoom meeting room linked in your appointment confirmation email. Type your name to enter the room at your scheduled time. Please use the same name associated with your appointment. If the name is too different, it is difficult for an advisor to tell if the person waiting to enter the meeting room is the same person who made the appointment for that time.
  • Once you enter the meeting room, please be prepared to show your passport photo page or NYU ID card at the start of your appointment so that we can confirm your identity.
  • Be on time! Our appointments are scheduled one right after the other, so if you show up late, we still need to end at the same time. If you will be more than 10 minutes late, it’s best for you to reschedule for another appointment.

Cancel Your Appointment if You No Longer Need It

If you get an answer to your concern before your appointment and no longer need to meet with an advisor, be sure to cancel it so that we can open up your appointment time to another student.