Page updated February 10, 2021.

We want to remind you of ways to protect yourself against scams as we continue to receive reports from students that they have received phone calls from people claiming to work for some office within the Chinese Consulate or for the government of China. These calls almost always involve a request for students to provide personal financial information, including credit or debit card numbers. Never give out your financial information to someone on the phone who is claiming to represent the Chinese government.

The Consulate General of China in New York has posted an alert on their website stating that they will not contact you by phone to request personal information.

If you receive a call where you’re asked to provide payment from someone claiming to represent the Chinese government, hang up immediately. We encourage you to file a complaint if you receive a call of this nature. Please contact us if you receive a call that might be questionable.

For safety tips in and around New York, stay up-to-date from NYU Campus Safety.

For further information on scam awareness and prevention, review these tips to avoid scam and fraud.