Forums for Resolution

The Office of Student Conduct recognizes that, during the college years, some students will have missteps and hit rough patches. We truly believe these experiences can be opportunities for a student to reflect on their education, correct course, and focus toward success.  At the same time, students must also be held accountable when their conduct violates the standards of community membership.

While many situations can be addressed through conversational and colloquial measures, other matters may necessitate more formal procedures depending on the severity of the alleged conduct and potential sanctions. Upon receipt of a report, the Office of Student Conduct shall review the matter and determine an appropriate forum for resolution. All forums, as outlined below, are administered to ensure that any student accused of violating University policy (the “respondent”) is afforded a fair and impartial process.

Informal Resolution

The student will meet informally with a trained administrator to discuss the matter and share their perspective. Outcomes in this forum may include informal discussion, mentoring and coaching, conflict mediation, restorative justice, no-contact directives, and other non-disciplinary interventions.

Conduct Conference

The student will meet with a conduct administrator to discuss the matter. After the discussion, the conduct administrator will determine if a violation of policy has occurred.  If a violation is found, the conduct administrator will determine appropriate sanctions. Sanctions in this forum may not include expulsion from the University.

Panel Hearing

A formal hearing is conducted by a four-person panel. The student has the opportunity to be present for all testimony, provide their perspective, and propose questions to participating witnesses. The panel will determine if the student has violated any University policy. If a violation is found, the panel shall determine appropriate sanctions, up to and including expulsion from the University.

For additional details about the above forums for resolution, please see the University Student Conduct Procedures.