The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (OSC) supports the maintenance of a safe, accountable, and inclusive community. OSC is committed to the development of individual students and the education of members of New York University on the rights and responsibilities of communal membership.

OSC resolves situations in which a student’s behavioral choices may be negatively impacting themselves or others utilizing a range of responses, through a restorative framework. The Office assists community members in resolving conflicts and misunderstandings through guidance, coaching, and other forms of resolution. The Office determines the best approach while also ensuring fundamental fairness in all circumstances. In doing so, the office works collaboratively with students, faculty, administration and other community partners to promote student success.


Accountability: As members of the NYU community, students are expected to uphold their responsibilities to maintain a safe and productive campus community, which includes adherence to NYU policies. When these policies are violated, students will be held accountable and are expected to recognize how their actions and decisions affect the larger community.

Learning: The student conduct process is at its core educational. We recognize that students will make mistakes and poor decisions. Oftentimes, these missteps are opportunities for growth and development. We assist students in learning through reflective and educational sanctions that strive to refocus students’ priorities, attempting to repair or restore any harm they have caused, and developing strategies for personal wellbeing and future decision making.

Equity: The Office of Student Conduct strives to resolve injustices that deprive those in our community of inclusion and belonging. As a diverse and dynamic campus, all members of the NYU community deserve to be treated with dignity and respect by each other as well as by University processes. 

Fairness: The Office of Student Conduct strives to run a conduct process with integrity, honesty, compassion, and respect. The process is designed to be consistent yet adaptable in order to balance the unique needs of individual students with the needs of the NYU community. As part of this process, students can expect to be given the opportunity to share their perspectives without prejudice, to receive communication that is clear, transparent, and thorough, and to have their cases resolved efficiently and competently.

Collaboration: NYU is a large, complex, and diverse institution. As such, we work to collaborate with our student affairs colleagues, academic schools, global sites, University shared governance, and central administrative units. Together, we strive to meet the needs of students and the greater NYU community.

Student Learning Goals

It is the Office of Student Conduct’s goal that students who interact with our office will:

  • Acknowledge the existence of NYU policies and expectations, recognize conduct which may fall outside of those standards, and articulate how their decisions affect themselves and others.
  • Reflect upon and identify their personal values, analyze past decision making, and develop strategies for aligning future decisions with both individual and institutional values.
  • Identify and engage with resources that support their educational and professional goals, interpersonal relationships, and personal wellbeing.