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The NYU StudentLink Center is a comprehensive resource for students and their families to obtain information, receive answers to inquiries and provide direction about policies, tasks and requirements related to student billing and payment, financial aid, registrar, housing, meal plans, financial education, and other student administrative areas. Our goal is to create a quality student-centered and technologically rich service model that delivers accurate and efficient student services in a comfortable and supportive environment.   

Goal and Mission

We want to provide you with high quality services, efficient and accurate information, while being respectful of your time. Continuous assessment is part of our service model; therefore, we rely and use your survey responses to enhance and improve services. We want to help you, the NYU student, succeed and make your experience a pleasant and memorable one.

  • Put clients as our first priority
  • Provide consistent and high quality services that are efficient, accurate and student-centered
  • Evolve continuously by improving consistency of service and answers
  • Ensure that student and parent private information is only used for administrative purposes, while keeping such information protected and confidential
  • Create an environment of teamwork and collegiality that stimulates growth and opportunity
  • Educate students with either the answers or the tools needed to get the answers so they may be self-sufficient
  • Leverage technology to enhance our ‘human touch’ experience and empower students by incorporating technology
  • Provide transparency in communication, respect at all levels and a commitment to a never ending search for a better way to do things

Getting in Line



Manhattan: Text NYUM to 646-846-4698

Brooklyn: Text NYUB to 646-846-4698



Visit a kiosk at our office


StudentLink Center Lobby in Manhattan - 383 Lafayette St

Our staff of dedicated StudentLink Counselors and Representatives are cross-trained professionals, who work diligently to ensure that the needs and concerns of our students are heard and addressed. Our StudentLink staff works closely with the subject matter experts, our Specialists, from each area we represent. Specialists are housed within our office suite so if a student needs to see one, they are readily available. We'll be happy to help you in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), and Korean.

Name Title
Ali Khalid
Ashara Bell   Representative
Ashira Mayers
Bi`Once Doyle
Social Media Designer/Counselor
Gary Fields Counselor
Johnathan Rivera Representative
Jessica Moreira Counselor
Marisol Marrero
Executive Director
Nickolaus Eagen
Senior Counselor
Nilsa Lam
Senior Operations Manager
Grace Cho
Randy Rosario
Rehma Saleem
Dylan Flynn Representative
Han Na Choi
Operations Manager
Jordan Dickson Counselor
Sarah Brownell
Data Analyst/Counselor
Thomas Davis Representative
Tiffany Ou Representative
Wanda James
Operations Manager
Wanda Orengo Representative

Organizational Chart

The StudentLink Center Organizational Chart shows a diagram of the center's reporting structure. See a longer description in the expandable.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Access Commitment Statement

"At the StudentLink Center, diversity, equity, inclusion, and access are an integral part of our consolidated services. Our diverse team focuses on providing accessibleinclusiveequitable, and extraordinary customer service to everyone who enters the Center. We embrace our clients’ differences, regardless of race, color, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, physical abilities, age, sexual orientation, or veteran status. Our clients and team members’ unique characteristics are respected, valued, and celebrated."