During withdrawal periods, you can drop a class and receive a "W," indicating you withdrew from the class. If you withdraw from a class during the withdrawal period, you'll receive a refund for the course. If you withdraw after that window, you may not receive a refund or only a partial refund.

The chart below provides general information on withdrawal period start dates for fall and spring semesters.

For more specific withdrawal deadlines and refund amounts for semesters and sessions, see refund schedules by school.

And visit the academic calendar to find withdrawal dates.

General Withdrawal Schedule

Fall or Spring
Class Duration
Withdrawal with a “W”
Period Begins
Full Semester 1st calendar day of the 3rd week of classes
6-7 weeks 4th calendar day of the session
2-5 weeks 2nd calendar day of the session
1 week 1st calendar day of the session