After the drop period has ended (typically after the second week of classes, consult the Academic Calendar for exact dates), you can request to withdraw (with a W) from eligible class(es) using the Class Withdrawal process in Albert.

  • Requests will be automatically sent to your department/advisor for review.
    • You may be required to meet with your advisor to discuss your class withdrawal request; your advisor and/or department will reach out to you if this is the case. 
    • Note that in all cases, withdrawal requests will not be processed unless approved by your advisor.
  • Before changing your class schedule, always remember to talk with your advisor and review the refund schedule.
  • This online process replaces the paper Drop/Add form. 
  • This process is not for dropping all of your classes. To drop all your classes in a term, use the Term Withdrawal form in Albert.
Student Class Withdrawal