Below is a collection of how-to guides for the most common activities involved in creating your class schedule in Albert.

Course Search

Before registration opens, review the classes being offered.

Planning and Validating Classes

Before registration opens, make sure the classes you want to take are available to you.

Adding/Enrolling in Classes

Once registration is open, enroll in your classes by adding them to your schedule.


Add yourself to the waitlist for a class.

Dropping Classes

Remove a class from your schedule. Note: if the add/drop period has ended, you’ll need to request a class withdrawal. See below.

Swapping Classes

Change one class for another one in your schedule.

Requesting Class Withdrawal

After add/drop has closed, you’ll need to request a class withdrawal to remove a class from your schedule.

Edit Swap

If you’re waitlisted for a class, use edit swap to indicate which class you want removed from your schedule if you get into the waitlisted class.

Edit Enroll

Use edit enroll to:

  • Change the number of units in a variable unit class
  • Change to a different (open) section of a course's non-primary component (e.g., recitation, lab, and lecture)
  • Change the grading option for several NYU Law School courses