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When you grow your skills and expand your mind, your impact will follow. Whether you try out a new language, discover a new artistic passion, or add to your toolbox of technical skills, these courses will challenge you to broaden your thinking while empowering you to explore topics and ideas you may never have otherwise considered. Bonus: They’re designed to complement just about any major.

Below are a selection of popular summer course options that have no pre-reqs and are open to all students. For more information, and for a full list of offerings, view our course catalog in NYU Albert

Course Highlights

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Language Courses

Format: Online
Course Length: 6 Weeks

Introductory-level classes in nine different languages. All language courses will be taught remotely, and some languages will be taught in an intensive format, offering a year's worth of instruction in only 6 weeks.

  • ASL-UE 91 American Sign Language I
  • EAST-UA 201 Elementary Chinese I
  • FREN-UA 1 Elementary French Level I
  • FREN-UA 10 Intensive Elementary French
  • GERM-UA 10 Intensive Elementary German
  • HBRJD-UA 5 Intensive Elementary Hebrew
  • ITAL-UA 10 Intensive Elementary Italian 
  • EAST-UA 247 Elementary Japanese I
  • EAST-UA 254 Elementary Korean I
  • SPAN-UA 1 Spanish for Beginners - Level I
  • GERM-UA 9001 Elementary German I
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Data Science, Computing, and Emerging Media

Format: Online
Course Length: 6 Weeks

From teaching fundamental skills in computer programming to exploring the implications of how we engage with data, these courses will prepare you to thrive in today’s world while preparing you to lead tomorrow’s. 

  • APSTA-UE 25 Carpe Datum: Data Science for Life's Big Questions
  • IMNY-UT 1 CODE! 
  • IMNY-UT 2 CODE! 2 
  • CSCI-UA 2 Intro to Computer Programming (No Prior Experience) 
  • DS-UA 111 Data Science for Everyone
  • IDSEM-UG 1979 How Human? Cyborgs, Robots, and Artificial Intelligence
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Environmentalism and Sustainability

Format: Online
Course Length: 6-12 Weeks

The relationship between humans and the natural world is a deep well of opportunity for understanding and growth. Explore how our interactions with our planet are affected by social stratification, injustice, and more.

  • ENVST-UA 100 Environmental Systems Science
  • ENVST-UA 101 Environment and Society
  • ENVST-UA 480 Environmental Justice and Inequality
  • IDSEM-UG 1984 Extinction: A History and Prospectus (12-week course)
  • FOOD-UE 1210 Introduction to Food History
A student designing a game on the computer

Design Thinking

Format: In Person and Online
Course Length: 6 Weeks

Ever wonder about the inner workings of a creative mind? These classes are a great place to start. From problem solving to game design, learn to not just create, but think creatively. Note: There are more courses being developed in this area. Please continue to check back for additional course information!

  • MG-UY 2704 Design Thinking for Creative Problem Solving
  • GAMES-UT 150 Intro to Game Design 
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Format: Online and Blended Courses
Course Length: 3-6 Weeks

Give voice to the budding artist within you this summer! From painting and ceramics to acting, dance, and even magazine production, gain the fundamentals you need to master a new skill.

  • ART-UE 401 Design I for Non-Majors
  • ART-UE 300 Digital Photo I for Non-Majors
  • ART-UE 502 Ceramics I for Non-Majors
  • ART-UE 101 Drawing for Non-Majors
  • ART-UE 103 Painting for Non-Majors
  • OART-UT 560 Fundamentals of Filmmaking I: The Art of Visual Storytelling
  • OART-UT 1906 Acting I: Introduction to the Actor's Craft
  • OART-UT 804 Modern Dance: Mind-Body Knowledge and Expression
  • ARTS-UG 1024 Classical Theater Intensive: Shakespeare in Performance
  • ARTS-UG 1660 Magazine Dreams: Conceiving, Designing, and Producing a 21st-Century Publication
  • IMBX-SHU 9501 Realtime
Group of individuals protesting

Social Justice and Social Movements

Format: Online
Course Length: 6-12 Weeks

Engage with important social justice topics and explore past and present social movements on a deep intellectual level. Increase your awareness, deepen your understanding and knowledge, and find your voice through discussion and discourse. Note: There are more courses being developed in this area. Please continue to check back for additional course information!

  • IDSEM-UG 2107 All the Rage: Black Feminists on Anger
  • ELEC-GG 2761 Prisons, Mass Incarcerations, and Invisible Punishments: A View from the Social Sciences
  • OART-UT 1018 Art and Social Change
  • EURO-UA 9301 Modern Dissent in Central Europe: The Art of Defeat
  • HBRJD-UA 9120 Sexualities of the Middle East: A Cultural History
  • IDSEM-UG 9650 Film, Race, and Representation
  • POL-UA 9994 Identities in American Politics in the 21st Century