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Accelerate your progress toward your major or minor from any time zone by taking online courses offered across NYU’s global sites. 

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NYU Los Angeles Bundle / BEMT Minor

Format: Online
Course Length: 6 Weeks

NYU Los Angeles will offer a selection of seven entertainment- and media-related courses from five of our world-renowned schools: Gallatin, Shanghai, Steinhardt, Stern, and Tandon. You will have unique opportunities for networking and mentorship in the LA entertainment and media industry scene while learning from fantastic instructors with deep industry experience. Four of these courses fulfill BEMT minor requirements.

  • IDSEM-UG 9650 Film, Race, and Representation
  • IMBX-SHU 9501 Realtime
  • MD-UY 2314 Interactive Narrative
  • MCC-UE 9006 Television: History and Form (counts toward BEMT)
  • MKTG-UB 9022 Movie Marketing (counts toward BEMT)
  • MKTG-UB 9056 Digital Business Strategy (counts toward BEMT)
  • MPAMB-UE 9100 Business Structure of the Music Industry (counts toward BEMT)
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Liberal Studies Core

Format: Online
Course Length: 10 Weeks

Core curriculum courses held at convenient times for students living in Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

  • ACC-UF 102 Arts and Cultures towards the Crossroads
  • GWC-UF 102 Global Works and Society in a Changing World
  • WRCI-UF 102 Writing as Critical Inquiry
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Global Offerings Across Disciplines

Format: Online
Course Length: 6 Weeks

This summer, multiple schools will offer courses taught remotely from NYU's global sites. Choose from a mix of high-demand courses and unique offerings that only the global network provides, such as:  

  • CORE-UA 9556 Cultures and Contexts: Germany
  • CSCI-UA 9473 Introduction to Machine Learning (taught from Paris)
  • IDSEM-UG 9050 Cocoa and Gold: Ghana's Development in Global Perspective (taught from Accra)
  • MCC-UE 9455 Global Media Seminar: Latin America (taught from Buenos Aires)
  • MGMT-UB 9087 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Israel (taught from Tel Aviv)
  • POL-UA 9341 Private Influence in Public Policy (taught from Washington, DC)
  • SASEM-UG 9200 History of Italian Fashion (taught from Florence)  
  • SPAN-UA 9025 Spain Today (in Spanish) (taught from Madrid)
  • EURO-UA 9301 Modern Dissent in Central Europe: The Art of Defeat (taught from Prague)

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Global Remote Internships

Course Length: 10 Weeks

Broaden your horizons even further with a remote internship and an associated course for academic credit. Our study away specialists will work with you to place you in a 10-week remote internship in Accra, Buenos Aires, or Tel Aviv, or you can find your own internship in Washington, D.C., or Europe. All fields, industries, and majors are welcome.

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