How to Apply

By the beginning of your final semester you should apply for graduation. This indicates that you will be completing your academic requirements at the end of the term and alerts the University to review your record in order to confer your degree. Graduation ceremonies, such as Commencement, occur once a year in May, and includes the preceding September and Fall/January graduates, as well as current May graduates. Take note below of the official deadlines to apply and other requirements.  

Log into Albert

When you have logged into Albert, select the Academics tab and click the "Apply to Graduate" button

Screenshot of Albert with the Academics tab selected and the "Apply to Graduate" button highlighted

Select your Academic Program

If you have multiple academic programs, you need to apply to graduate once per program.  Once you have found your program, click "Continue."

Graduation Application Page listing an academic program with the Continue button highlighted

Select Your Graduation Term

Use the drop-down menu to select the term you intend to graduate.

Note: If there are no terms available, you may not be in the Graduation Application period or you may have already submitted a graduation application.  Check the dates below for when you can submit a graduation application.

graduation application page with the expected graduation term selected as Spring and the Continue button highlighted

Verify Your Information

Take a moment to verify the information in Albert.  Taking particular attention to your academic information and expected graduation term.  If you need to make changes, click the butttons for "Select Different Program" or "Select Different Term."  If the information is correct, click "Submit Application."

Graduation application page with student information to verify and the "Submit Application" button highlighted

Once you submit your application, the screen will display a confirmation message. This page will also display information about where your diploma will be shipped.  If you need to make any updates to this information, be sure to change your Diploma Options.

You can then check your application status in NYU Albert by clicking the “View My Graduation Status” under Academics.

A confirmation page for a successful submission of a graduation application

Graduation Deadlines and Requirements

Students may officially have their degree conferred in September, January, or May, however, you must apply for graduation by the deadline listed below in order to be considered as a candidate.

You should also verify or update your expected date of graduation on NYU Albert. You can find this in the Academics section under Graduation.

You won’t be able to update your expected graduation term after you apply for graduation, which could impact your student record and financial aid. You can verify or update your expected date of graduation on NYU Albert in the Academics section under "Graduation."

In addition to your application deadline, you will have to meet the requirements deadline. All requirements associated with your graduation status must be satisfied by this date.

Some schools and departments could set earlier deadlines for some associated items. You can find out more about these deadlines through your school’s website, bulletin, or through your academic advisor.

If you do not meet your requirements before the deadline, you will have to reapply for graduation in the next term.

For graduation ceremonies, such as Commencement, please visit the Commencement website for more information.

September 2023 Graduation Deadlines

  • Graduation Application: March 1, 2023 through June 15, 2023

  • Requirements Deadline: September 24, 2023

  • Graduation Date (Conferral): September 25, 2023

Fall 2023/January 2024 Graduation Deadlines

  • Graduation Application: July 1, 2023 through October 15, 2023

  • Requirements Deadline: January 21, 2024

  • Graduation Date (Conferral): January 22, 2024

May 2024 Graduation Deadlines

  • Graduation Application: November 1, 2023 through February 15, 2024

  • Requirements Deadline: May 14, 2024

  • Graduation Date (Conferral): May 15, 2024

  • All-University Commencement Ceremony: May 15, 2024

September 2024 Graduation Deadlines

  • Graduation Application: March 1, 2024 through June 15, 2024

  • Requirements Deadline: September 22, 2024

  • Graduation Date (Conferral): September 23, 2024

Please note: Students in the College of Dentistry, School of Medicine, and School of Professional Studies (Non-Credit) should apply directly to their school.