Approximately 8 weeks after graduation, your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address listed in NYU Albert.

Or you can choose to have it mailed to a different address by updating your Diploma Options page in NYU Albert before your conferral date.

The fastest way to receive your diploma is by providing a U.S. mailing address. Diplomas are mailed approximately eight weeks after you’ve received your degree and are trackable through USPS.

Important Notes:

  • Due to the University's ongoing effort to combat COVID-19 spread, the Office of the Registrar is working remotely (effective Friday, March 13th, 2020) until further notice.  Although day-to-day operations on behalf of students will continue, in-person pick-up of diplomas is temporarily unavailable.
  •  If you have a financial hold on your account, your diploma will not be released until those obligations are fulfilled and you have been cleared by the Bursar.

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Your Name on Your Diploma

Your primary name is printed on your diploma by default. This is the name that is entered in NYU Albert and appears on your New York University transcript.

You can choose to have your chosen/preferred named printed on your diploma instead by updating your Diploma Options page in NYU Albert before your conferral date.

There are a few issues to take into consideration when changing the name appearing on your diploma from your primary to chosen/preferred name:

  • You may need to use your diploma in conjunction with your official transcript for legal, immigration, or employment purposes. You could experience complications if the name on your diploma doesn’t match other documents like your transcript, passport, or birth certificate. We recommend printing your primary name on your diploma if you plan to live, study, or work outside of the U.S.
  • If you are a student in one of our professional schools like law, medicine, nursing, or dentistry, you should take into account licensing requirements that often require you to use your legal name like State Bar applications and federal employment guidelines. Using a name other than your primary or legal name could result in the rejection, delay, scrutiny, and/or requirements for additional proof of identification association with any applications for employment, licensure, credentialing, visa applications, and/or processes that require verification of your education records.

Name Changes After Graduation

We consider requests for a change of name following graduation for marriage, divorce, naturalization, or a court-ordered change of name. Each case is evaluated on an individual basis.

To request a change of name, you should first fill out the Change of Student Information form and include a document indicating the legal change and your new name.

Accepted documents include:

  • Court order
  • Marriage license
  • Divorce decree
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport

Submit the completed form and supporting documentation:

  • In person at StudentLink.
  • By email to If your documents and form come from a non-NYU email address, they must be notarized.
  • By fax to 212-995-4154. Faxed documents must be notarized.
  • By mail to: P.O. Box 910, New York, NY 10276-0910. Mailed documents must be notarized.

Certified Electronic Diplomas and Certificates

You have the option of requesting a Certified Electronic Diploma or Certificate (CeDiploma, CeCertificate) as a graduate of New York University.

A CeDiploma or CeCertificate is an official, secure, verifiable PDF version of your paper diploma that offers proof of education and is shareable with others, including employers.

A CeDiploma or CeCertificate differs from an eDiploma or eCertificate because it includes a unique 12-digit Certified Electronic Document Identifier (CeDiD) that allows for instant proof of your education using validation services.

The document is digitally signed and encrypted, while the electronic credential cannot be printed, making for a highly secure document.

You can also provide your CeDiploma or CeCertificate and validation URL with your resume to expedite verification processes.

Obtaining Your CeDiploma or CeCertificate

Visit NYU Albert and:

  • Click on Grades and Transcripts
  • Click on the E-Diploma link
  • Click on the CeDiploma link at the bottom of the page

Please note:

  • There is a $10.95 fee for this service
  • CeDiplomas/CeCertificates are available for students who graduated after January 1, 2016. If you graduated before that date, you may order a CeDiploma/CeCertificate by following the ordering instructions below under “Replacement Diplomas

Learn more about:

Replacement Diplomas

Students may purchase a replacement diploma by completing the online form accessible in the Albert portal in the Other Resources tab. For login assistance, please contact To expedite the process, please provide your N number in the Student ID field and specified degree/certificate type in the Conferral Degree/Certificate field. Also, succinctly fill out the Reason text box to provide clarifying information.

  • Review the USPS list of temporarily suspended countries to ensure the updated delivery address is eligible to receive mail:
  • Upon providing an international mailing address, list an international phone number with the appropriate country code.
  • Do not use foreign or special characters as they cannot print on shipping labels.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for domestic delivery, 6-8 weeks for international delivery.

Please Note:

  • Diplomas are issued only once. To assure the absolute integrity of the document, the University will under no circumstances issue a duplicate of an outstanding original.
  • In the event a diploma is lost or damaged, the University will supply, upon proper deposition and the payment of a fee to cover the cost, a replacement diploma. Before issuing the replacement, we require photo proof of the damaged diploma, or such portions of it as are available; or, in the case of loss or complete destruction, the submission of a notarized affidavit. 
    • Graduation Services will contact students via email to provide photo proof of the damaged/destroyed diploma.
  • Replacement diplomas for the School of Engineering are only issued with the institution name as it appeared on the original diploma at the time of conferral. 
  • Diplomas cannot be ordered by a third party.
  • The name on your diploma will be the same as on your University record.
    • Primary/Legal Name by default or chosen/preferred Name on record, if requested.
    • For name changes, the name on the University record must be updated prior to submitting a replacement diploma request.
  • The original conferral date of your degree will be printed.
  • Replacement diplomas display the signatures of the current NYU President, Dean of the school, and other officials. The current diploma format and school name are used.

For additional information and questions regarding Replacement Diplomas, please contact

Graduate School of Arts & Science and Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development  - Master of Philosophy Diplomas

Effective Summer 2020 for GSAS Master of Philosophy graduates and Spring 2021 for Steinhardt Master of Philosophy graduates, if desired, will have to confirm and request their initial MPhil diploma by completing the online form accessible via the Albert portal under the Other Resources tab. Though not a replacement, please follow the instructions above under "Replacement Diplomas" in order to provide us the most accurate address information.