Students now have the opportunity to add their pronouns, as well as the pronunciation of their names, into Albert.  Students can have this information displayed to faculty, advisors, and administrators in Albert, the NYU Home internal directory, as well as other NYU systems.  Students can also opt out of having their pronouns viewed by their instructors, in case they feel more comfortable sharing their pronouns outside of the classroom.



Students can access the pronouns and name pronunciation features via Albert from the Personal Info page.

Albert Student Personal Information Page

Clicking on the "Indicate My Pronouns" or the "Name Recording" link will open the page for both.

Select your pronouns and decide whether or not you want them used in the classroom.

You can record your name using a web recorder (microphone on your computer) or with a phone.

Student NameCoach Page

Make sure to click Submit Changes once you are done and close out of the page.  Keep in mind that it may take up to 24 hours for your pronouns to display in Albert.


Currently, faculty are unable to add their own pronouns.

For students that have indicated their pronouns should be used in the classroom, faculty will see the pronouns as well as name recordings on all class rosters in Albert. Rosters will be updated nightly should students add/update their information, so be sure to check back often.

Faculty Class Roster

Pronouns will also display on class rosters with photos and printer-friendly class rosters.

Class Roster with Photos

Printer-friendly Class Roster

NYU Home internal directory also displays pronouns and name recordings.

NYU Home profile card


Advisors can see the pronouns of students they advise on advisee cards in Albert.  Next to a students pronouns it will also be noted whether or not the student has opt-ed out of their pronouns being displayed to faculty.

Advisee Card

Advisors can access pronouns and name recordings for students they do not advise by using the View Data for Other Students link and going to the Demographic Data page for a student.

View Data for Other Students


Administrators can access pronouns and name recordings on the Student Services Center page by the Demographic Data link.  Next to a student's pronouns it will also be noted whether or not the student has opt-ed out of their pronouns being displayed to faculty.

Student Services Center Demo Data Page

Additional Questions?

If you have any questions about how to use this functionality, please contact Albert Support.

If you have questions regarding the policy and/or the use of this information, please contact