As a university employee you can request access to some student accounts. Your request must be submitted through an authorized approver/requester for your school or department via the Account Request form.

You can request access to:

  • Albert SIS
  • Reporting (UDW/UDW+)
  • Academic Memo Management (AMM)
  • NYU Connect

If you request access to Student Information Systems accounts, you must complete a FERPA tutorial

Student Financial Reports

The Office of the Bursar will approve and provide access to all Student Financial reports. If you need to request access to this type of account, please email and include your name, contact information, and the details of your request

FERPA Training

Once you have completed your FERPA tutorial, you must sign into the account request form with your NetID and password and fill out and submit the displayed form.

You can access a series of training documents through the NYU Albert SIS Training website that can help you with various NYU Albert functions related to your request.

Access to certain roles requires training available through iLearn. You can access iLearn through the Work tab in NYUHome.

Types of Access and Accounts

As an administrator you can request access to several types of UDW and UDW+ accounts. 


UDW access is to tables and views created from Albert SIS system. Typically for advanced ad-hoc reporting users and/or ancillary systems.

UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard

UDW+ Student Academic Management Dashboard is an interactive online dashboard that includes various reports and graphical analysis on the Student data currently available in UDW+. It allows users to look at summary student information and drill through to detail.

It attempts to replicate the 'Interactive Reporting (formerly known as Brio) operational dashboards' The dashboard has quick processing speed, a nightly refresh scheduled and all data can be exported.

UDW+ Student Data for Ad Hoc Users

UDW+ Student Data for Ad Hoc Users is a data query environment in UDW+. Currently there are 3 subject areas available: Degrees (conferred), Class Enrollment, and Term Registration.

Request Form Help

If you require assistance with the Account Request form, please review the:

The security team is available to help you with any other questions regarding the account request for or Albert SIS security.