The Course Feedback process takes place at the end of each semester. Results provide students with information to help steer their academic choices, while faculty use feedback  to improve their teaching practices and curriculum design.


You can complete your course feedback on any web-enabled device through NYU Course Feedback

Course feedback usually opens two weeks before the end of a course and remains open through the last week of classes and reading days.

Your responses are confidential and your professors will not be able to see your name or user ID in relation to your answers.

Below is a 2 minute video of the student course feedback experience.



You can monitor the response rates for your courses in NYU Course Feedback. during the course feedback period.

You will be able to view the results for your course within 24-48 hours after all grades have been submitted in Albert.

Please note: 

  • During the feedback period, response rate information is updated in real time every time the page is opened or refreshed.
  • Co-taught courses: instructors will see all responses to the University-wide questions, course questions, and recitation/lab questions (if applicable). However, they will only see the responses to the instructor-related questions that apply to them; instructors will not see each other’s instructor- related questions information.
  • Labs and Recitations: the primary instructor for the lecture will see the associated lab/recitation's TA/Section leader(s) results as well. The TA/Section leader(s) will see only the results of their instructor-related questions.

Below is a 2 minute video of the faculty course feedback experience.

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