In Fall 2022, the Office of the Provost announced that beginning in Spring 2023, NYU Course Evaluations in Albert is being renamed Course Feedback and moved to a new, more modern, and mobile-friendly platform called Blue. Please visit Course Feedback Transition for details on what motivated the move to Blue, the new common questions, support info and more.

Schools using Blue for Spring 2023 course feedback are CAS, Global Public Health, LS, Steinhardt, Tandon, Tisch, and Wagner courses in New York and all courses in Abu Dhabi. Other schools’ courses will continue to use Albert this semester, transitioning to Blue later in 2023. 


Course evaluations take place at the end of each semester. Results provide students with information to help steer their academic choices, while faculty use feedback from the evaluations to improve their teaching practices and curriculum design.

Undergraduate classes and some graduate class evaluations are administered via NYU Albert. Through this platform, you will be able to access results from across NYU’s schools. Faculty can access results through the Albert Course Evaluation tool in the Faculty Center. 


You can complete your evaluations on any web-enabled device through NYU Albert.

Course evaluations usually open two weeks before the end of a course and remain open through the last week of classes and reading days.

Your responses are confidential and your professors will not be able to see your name or user ID in relation to your answers.

If your evaluation is incomplete, you can return to it later and pick up where you left off.

To complete your course evaluations through NYU Albert:

  1. Scroll to the Enrolled Courses section.
  2. Ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled, then click the Eval icon for the course you would like to evaluate.
  3. Answer the questions on each page and click Next. Please note that some questions are required. 
  4. Once you complete the evaluation you will see a summary page showing you all your answers.
  5. Click Edit to change any answers you’d like to.
  6. Click Submit when you’re finished. 

Once you submit your evaluation you will be redirected to your list of course evaluations for the term.

If you encounter an error message when clicking on the link from your email, log out of NYU Albert and clear your device's cache. This should resolve the error. If you are still unable to login and complete the evaluation, contact


You can monitor the response rate to your courses in your NYU Albert Faculty Center during the course evaluation period.

You will be able to view all responses for your course within an hour of all grades being posted through the Evaluation Result or Mid Term Eval Results.

Please note: Not all schools conduct midterm evaluations in NYU Albert. If your school does, you can view results as soon as the evaluation period is over.

To view live response rate data or final evaluation results through NYU Albert Faculty Center:

  1. Click on the Course Evaluations gear icon for your class under My Courses.
  2. Navigate to the My Teaching Schedule section if your gear icon lights up with a course to be evaluated.
  3. Ensure the term is the correct one you want to view. To select another term, click Change Term.
  4. Click the Class Evaluation tab.
  5. You will see the start and end dates of the evaluation period and the response rates of your evaluation in real time if you are checking your response rate.

To see the final evaluation results, once the evaluation period is over, and within an hour of all grades being posted for the course, you will see an Evaluation Result link.

  • Click Evaluation Result link.
  • The results page will display all data for the course evaluation.

There are three main sections of the results page, including a chart for all 5-point scale questions that indicate average response, evaluation responses, and course comments.

Your evaluation responses will indicate:

  • The average, standard deviation
  • Percentage of the top two responses
  • Number of respondents
  • Percentage of students who responded
  • Total students enrolled
  • Answer details

You can click on Answer Details to see the distribution of responses for a particular question.

Click on Other Answers to see the other answers provided by the student that wrote a particular comment.

You can also print a PDF of the full results. You may need to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker to view. Click Print to make a copy.

Please note: 

  • During the evaluation period, response rate information is updated in real time every time the page is opened or refreshed.
  • Co-taught courses: instructors will see all responses to the University-wide questions, course questions, and recitation/lab questions (if applicable). However, they will only see the responses to the instructor-related questions that apply to them; instructors will not see each other’s instructor- related questions information.
  • Labs and Recitations: the primary instructor for the lecture will see the associated lab/recitation's TA/Section leader(s) results as well. The TA/Section leader(s) will see only the results of their instructor-related questions.