If a class is full (reached capacity for the maximum number of seats for students), you may join the waitlist in case seats open up in the future. When a seat in a class becomes available, the student at the top of the list is automatically enrolled in the class, and everyone moves up a spot.

Please Note: There are two ways to add yourself to a waitlist: by following the process below or by setting up a swap. If you’re already enrolled in a class (or section) that you’d want to switch out if space becomes available in a waitlisted class, setting up a swap allows you to add yourself to the waitlist without losing your seat in your enrolled class.

1. Albert will give you the option to select the “Wait List if class is full” check-box while you are adding courses to your Shopping Cart. To do this, click the Course Search link in the Shopping Cart section.

Course Search link

2.  Add a class to your shopping cart by selecting one from the Course Search or by entering a class number.

enter class number

3.  Once you select a class, the waitlist option will appear on the Enrollment Preferences page. Select Yes for “Wait list if class is full”. Then, click the “Next” button.

waitlist ok

4. If you’re doing this before your registration day and time, you can leave it in your Shopping Cart until your enrollment appointment. When your enrollment appointment is open, return to your Shopping Cart in Albert and click the “Validate/Enroll/Edit” button.


5.  Now when you review the classes in your Shopping Cart, you should be able to see if the status is Open (green circle), Closed (blue square), or Wait List (yellow triangle).  Finish the steps to enroll and the message section on the results page will tell you if you were enrolled or placed on the waitlist.

Waitlisted Courses

6. When you have waitlisted classes, a new section will appear on the Home page of Albert, with your waitlist status and position number.

waitlist status

7.  Take note of your enrolled and waitlisted classes.   

1. Does your waitlisted course have a time conflict with any of your enrolled courses?

2. If a seat opened up in your waitlisted course, would it take you above your unit load (maximum number of credits) permitted for the term? 

3. Are you on one or more waitlists and not yet enrolled for a full academic course load

If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, be sure to set up an edit swap to avoid registration complications.

8. Continue to monitor the waitlist and be sure to drop any classes you do not wish to keep on your waitlist. There may be movement on waitlists during the first few weeks of classes (until the end of the Add/Drop deadline), so please check Albert often during this time.     

9. Please keep in mind: being on a waitlist does not guarantee enrollment, so you should always be prepared to enroll in another course as a backup. If you are a full-time student, we recommend that you enroll for a full academic course load during registration to avoid complications with your future bill and financial aid. Learn how to use swap to make sure you aren’t closed out of any waitlisted classes, and learn how to use the edit swap to enroll in other classes while waitlisted.

Important Reminders