• Once a class is closed, you can add yourself to the waitlist using Albert.  If a seat opens in the class, the first person on the waitlist is automatically enrolled.
  • Being on a waitlist does not guarantee enrollment.  Keep in mind that not all classes offer a waitlist option and waitlists may become full.
  • Additionally, if you waitlist for a class, you may want to set up an edit swap, so that if you are taken off the waitlist for a class and enrolled, a class you are enrolled in can be dropped.

1.  Click the Course Search link in the Shopping Cart section.

Course Search link

2.  Add a class to your shopping cart by selecting one from the Course Search or by entering a class number.

enter class number

2.  Once you select a class, the waitlist option will appear on the Enrollment Preferences page.  Select Yes for “Wait list if class is full”.  Then click the “Next” button.

waitlist ok

3. Finish the enrollment steps and the message section on the results page will tell you if you were enrolled or placed on the waitlist.

4.  When you have waitlisted courses, a new section will appear on the Home page of Albert.

Waitlisted Courses