Using the edit swap feature in Albert allows you to: 

  • Register for a full academic course load that will allow you to make progress toward your degree;
  • Ensure your bill and financial aid will be accurate when bills are processed (note: waitlisted classes don’t count toward your course load for billing or financial aid);
  • Prevent the registration system from bypassing your spot on a waitlist if it thinks it will result in exceeding your maximum credit limit ( 18 credits per semester for most undergraduates); 
  • Drop a class and replace it with a new class (the one you were waitlisted for) at the same time, without risking the chance of being closed out of either class.

Once you have set up edit swap in Albert, the system will automatically enroll you in your waitlisted (preferred) class if a seat becomes available, and drop you from your enrolled (backup) class at the same time. 

How to set up edit swap

1. Under your Enrolled Courses, click the Edit Swap button.

edit swap

2. Select a class that you are waitlisted for and select an enrolled class to drop. Then click the Submit button.

edit swap page

3. Review the Status field for your Waitlisted Courses.

edit swap status