This version of the NYU class search tool is in beta test mode, and can be used to help search for and narrow down classes of interest before registration begins.  Course data is updated on a daily basis. 

Once you have finishing browsing for classes of interest, log into Albert to:

  • add the classes you want to your Albert Shopping cart
  • view up-to-date course status (whether the course is open or closed, and whether there is a waitlist) 
  • register for classes.

Tips for using the NYU Class Search: 

Search: Enter any piece of course information in the search bar. You can search by the instructor’s name, course title, subject code, course number, program, or by a keyword from the course description.

Filters: Use these to narrow your search results. You can combine searching and filtering to find courses or use these functions independently.  You can also save/bookmark specific filter views and come back to it at a later time. 

Results: Courses that match your criteria will appear to the right of the filters. Results will be updated with each change that you make to your search and/or filter criteria. 

Course/Section details: For each course in the results, you can click on the row to see course details. If there are multiple sections of a course, select a course to see the meeting patterns and additional details.  If there is only one section the meeting pattern displays, select the course for details. 


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