You can enter your chosen/preferred name in Albert, or change it, at any time. When you enter a preferred name in Albert it will sync overnight to other systems you log in with using your NYU NetID, such as NYU Classes, ServiceLink, Google Apps and more.


  • Your chosen/preferred name will be the name printed on the NYU Card.
  • New students: Before submitting your photo, check your Albert Student Center to ensure your chosen/preferred name matches what you want to appear on the NYU Card. 
  • If your chosen/preferred name is not displaying correctly in your NYU GMail: Click the settings gear in GMail (top right, gear icon), then "Accounts" tab. You will see "Send email as" - there will be an "edit info" link to the right. Click that and a popup will appear where you can edit how your name displays.

1. From the Albert Home page, go to the Personal Information section and click on the Edit Chosen/Preferred Name link pencil icon.

Edit Preferred Name

2. If you have not previously entered a Chosen/Preferred Name, click Add a New Name.  


3.  Fill in the type and name fields.  Then click Save.

Add name

4.  You will now see the name you added.  To edit a chosen/preferred name double click on that row.

edit name