Academic Planner helps you find courses to fulfill your major and/or minor requirements. This page lists your future terms and the requirements you may have already planned.

Notice the system initially chooses terms and units based on your progress so far. Completed semesters are displayed at the top of the page, with your planned semesters in the section below.

For your planned terms, you can make the following adjustments:

  • Change target units
  • Designate a term for Study Away by selecting a location
  • Add or delete terms

You can use these fields to modify your plan, such as adding a summer term or a Study Away site.

Adjust Terms, Units, and Study Away Sites


adjust bottom

The Study Away Site dropdown will list all available Study Away Sites. While you are free to select any site from this dropdown, the application will help you identify sites and semesters that are a designated Pathway for your program. Pathways are study away opportunities recommended by your department for your specific major.

study away