NYU instructors are expected to enter midterm grades for their undergraduate students. Midterm grades play an important role in informing students of their academic progress in their courses.

How to Enter Midterm Grades

1. My Courses

On the Albert Faculty/Advisor page, in the My Courses grid, click on a Grade Roster icon.

* Make sure you are in the correct term;

* The grade roster will open in a new window;

* If the grade roster icon is grayed out, it is unavailable. Contact grading@nyu.edu for assistance.  

My Courses

2. Select Grade Roster Type

Select the Mid-Term roster type from the dropdown menu.

Midterm Grade Type

3. Grade

Select a grade for a student using the dropdown menu.


4. Save

Click the Save Grade Roster button when finished with grading.

Save Grades

Midterm Grade Options

Letter Grade Legend
A Excellent
A- Excellent
B+ Good
B Good
C+ Satisfactory
C- Satisfactory
D+ Minimum Passing Grade
D Minimum Passing Grade
F Failure
P Passing (only for courses with Pass/Fail grading basis)
NI Needs Improvement (new in Spring 2019)
S Satisfactory (new in Spring 2019)
UE Unable to Evaluate

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to enter midterm grades?

Grades can be entered on the midterm grade roster on the Albert faculty portal. Upon logging into Albert, navigate to the “My Courses” section of the Faculty/Advisor tab. Clicking on the Grade Roster icon (looks like a check mark) will take you to the grade roster page. If the icon is grayed out please contact grading@nyu.edu for additional assistance.

Which Approval Status should I use?

For midterm grading only, the Approval Status does not need to be changed. The status should remain “Save and Not Submit.”

How do I change a midterm grade?

As midterm grades are not official, you can go back to the roster to make changes to the grades entered at any time before the deadline. Confirm that the approval status is “Save and Not Submit,” enter the new grades, and click the Save button. Students should see the updated grade immediately. After the midterm grading deadline, midterm grades cannot be edited and any changes should be communicated directly to the student.

Will I receive an email confirming my midterm grades were submitted successfully?

As midterm grades are unofficial and do not post to a student’s transcript, you will not receive an email confirming submission of midterm grades.

How do I determine the midterm grade?

Midterm grades are determined by the instructor. For support in deciding which grade to assign we recommend speaking with your academic department.  

A student is missing from the midterm grade roster; where can I find them?

By default the grade roster displays 20 students at a time. If there is a student missing from the grade roster, clicking the “View All” or arrow buttons at the bottom of the page allow you to navigate to additional students.

How can students view their midterm grades?

Students will be able to view their midterm grades by logging into the Albert student portal and navigating to the “Grades and Transcripts” tab on the left-side menu.

Do you have a question that was not addressed? Let us know! Please email our team at grading@nyu.edu and we will reply as soon as possible.