Final grades are due 72 hours from the last day of each academic semester. Timely grade submission is a crucial component of student success.  

How to Enter Final Grades

1. My Courses

On the Albert Faculty/Advisor page, in the My Courses grid, click on a Grade Roster icon.

* Make sure you are in the correct term;

* The grade roster will open in a new window;

* If the grade roster icon is grayed out, it is unavailable. Contact for assistance. (Note: final grade rosters typically open on the first day of exams in the fall and spring terms). 

My Courses

2. Select Grade Roster Type

Select the Final Grade Roster Type from the dropdown menu.

FinalGrade Type

3. Grade

Select a grade for a student using the dropdown menu.


4. Submit

Click the “Save Grade Roster” button if you are still making edits or click the Submit Grade Roster button if you are done entering grades and are ready to have grades posted to students' records.  Once the grade has either been saved or submitted, refresh the page for the “Grade Status” to change. 

Submit Grade Roster

Submit Grade Roster

Grade Roster Status

For each student, the Grade Status column reflects whether:

1. No grade has been entered for the student (“Grade Needed”)

2. A grade is saved but not yet submitted to the Registrar for posting (“Saved Draft”)

 3. A grade has been submitted to the registrar (“Submitted”). 

The status for Final Grade Roster entries is shown at the top of the page. It may be Open, Processing, or Completed.


The message at the top will tell you if grading is still open as well as how many students have been graded.



When the grade roster has been submitted it will be locked out for any edits to all approved faculty attached to the course. 


Once all grade have been submitted to the Registrar, the roster will show

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to enter final grades?

Final grades can be entered on the final grade roster on the Albert faculty portal. Upon logging into Albert, navigate to the “My Courses” section of the Faculty/Advisor tab. Clicking on the Grade Roster icon (looks like a check mark) will take you to the grade roster page. If the icon is grayed out please contact for additional assistance.

When will my final grade roster be available?

For the vast majority of full-semester courses in the fall and spring terms, final grade rosters will become available on the first day of final exams.

For courses scheduled in shorter or non-standard sessions (i.e. 7-week courses), the final grade roster typically opens the day after the official session end date.

Can I submit some grades now and then submit the remaining grades later?

Though this is not advised, you can submit some grades now and some grades later. To do this, enter the grades you are ready to submit and click the "Submit Grade Roster" button. This will initiate a process of "posting" submitted grades to students' records, and for a short period of time your grade roster will be locked from further grade submission. Within about 30 minutes, your grade roster should be automatically unlocked and you will have the opportunity to input more grades for your remaining ungraded students.

Will I receive an email confirming my final grades were submitted successfully?

Yes! If you submit some (but not all) of the grades on your final grade roster, you will receive an email confirming receipt of some of your grades. This email will have a subject line that begins with, "Partial Grade Roster Received." If you submit all of the grades on your final grade roster, you will receive an email with a subject line that begins with, "Thank You for Submitting Your Grade Roster."

If you have submitted grades and do not receive a confirmation email, confirm that your grade roster saved the grades you entered.

Help! I submitted the wrong grade for a student and need to change the grade!

Once you submit a grade to the Registrar, the grade is officially "posted" to the student's record. To change an officially posted grade, please use the Request Grade Change button on the final grade roster. Refer to our Grade Changes guide for detailed instructions. Most grade change submissions must be approved by the academic department and/or dean's office of the course/school. 

A student is missing from the final grade roster; where can I find them?

By default the grade roster displays 30 students at a time. If there is a student missing from the grade roster, clicking the “Show All Rows” value in the Go To Page drop-down menu (center of the page, directly above your list of students).

How can students view their final grades?

Students will be able to view their final grades by logging into the Albert student portal and navigating to the “Grades and Transcripts” tab on the left-side menu.

Do you have a question that was not addressed? Let us know! Please email our team at and we will reply as soon as possible.