Request Grade Change

1. My Courses

On the Albert Faculty/Advisor page, in the My Courses grid, click on a Grade Roster icon next to a previously graded class.


*The Grade Roster will open in a new window

Grade Roster icon

2. Select Grade Roster Type

Select the Final Grade roster type from the dropdown menu.

Grade Roster Type dropdown menu

3. Select Student

Click the Change Grade button next to the student for whom you wish to change the grade. The grade change request form will open in a new window. Please ensure that your pop-up blocker is turned off.

Note that you may only submit a grade change for one student at a time.

Student Change Grade button

4. Select New Grade, Grade Change Reason, and enter Notes to Approver
Request Grade Change page

5. Submit

Click the Submit button and then OK to submit the request.  A confirmation page will appear.

Confirmation Page

Note: Once a grade change request is submitted, it must be approved by the department and/or dean of the college. Notifications will be automatically sent to required approvers by email. After approvals are processed in Albert the new grade will be reflected on the student's academic record.