Advisor Alerts notify advisors when a student may require additional advising or academic intervention.

Alerts can be created in two ways:

  1. Faculty can trigger alerts from their class or grade rosters in Albert. If a school has configured alert criteria, instructors will see an "Advisor Alert" link for each student on the roster. This link directs instructors to select an alert type and to enter comments for the student's advisor.
  2. Batch alerts criteria are determined by the school Dean's Office. A scheduled process will run and create alerts for students who meet the determined criteria.

Advisors will see the alerts and comments in their "Worklist" where they can respond to alerts, communicate with advisees, track student progress, and view academic details and Advisor Notes for each student. Advising staff and/or managers can also create alerts for their advisees if needed.

Advisor Alerts can be integrated with Advisor Appointments functionality so that specific alerts can be associated with specific appointments and advising staff.

Advisor Alert Worklist


Administrator access: Campus Community>Advisor Alerts Worklist>Alerts tab

Advisor Center: "Advisor Alerts Worklist" link; bottom of Advisor Center page

  • Only students with alerts will appear on the Worklist. 
  • Use the filters above the list to show/hide particular subsets of students with alerts.

Filtering your Worklist

  • Appointment Status drop-down
    • Select the status you want to view (Unscheduled, Scheduled, and Completed). Note: "Scheduled" status will only be utilized if the Alerts system is integrated with the Appointment system.
    • Worklist will automatically refresh based on your selection.
  • Refresh Worklist button
    • Will refresh the page; any new alerts that were received will be displayed and any action taken on the page will post.
  • Status Date(s), Assigned date(s), term assigned, alert type, advisor (managers only) filters.
    • Enter your filter data in these fields, then click "Apply Filter" to filter the list of students. Click "Clear Filter" to get an unfiltered list of students. 

Create/Update Advisor Alert as an Advisor/Manager

  1. Click "Create/Update Advising Alert" to create an alert for a student.
  2. Select Advisor is only visible to individuals with the Manager role.
  3. Select an advisee by clicking on the magnifying glass.
    1. If an active alert already exists for this advisee, click the + sign to add a new alert type and comments.
    2. If an active alert already exists, you can add new comments to the alert as long as the advisor has not completed the alert.
  4. Select an Advising Alert type from the dropdown.
    1. Optional: Enter a comment.
  5. Click "Submit."
  6. The student will now be in the advisor's worklist with the alert and comments (if entered). Note that students do not see alerts and/or comments.
Create/Update an Alert

Worklist Alerts Display - Column Definitions

  • Notify
    • Same as Notification functionality in Advisor Center - My Advisees page.
    • Notify one or more students via email by using the Notify checkbox and buttons at the bottom of the page.
      Once an email has been sent the Latest Notification column displays the email date.
      • Date notified always displays the most recent notification date. For example, if you send two notifications to an advisee using the worklist, the date will be of the second notification.
  • Complete
    • Click this button once you have met with the student to change the status of their alert to "completed."
  • Campus ID
    • Click the N# to see their Student Center in a pop up window.
  • Alert Type
    • Type of alert as selected by the initiator.
  • Comments
    • Click "Comments" to see the comments left by the initiator when they created the alert.
    • Alerts created by the batch process will not have a "Comments" link.
  • Latest Notification
    • Will be populated only if the student is emailed using the "Notify" function of the worklist.
  • Status
    • Scheduled: will only populate if your school is also using the Advisor Appointment system to set up and track advisor appointments.
    • Unscheduled: will reflect date of when alert was assigned.
    • Completed: displays after advisor clicks the "complete" button.
  • Status Date
    • When the status was last changed.

Worklist Appointments

Navigation: Campus Community>Advisor Alerts Worklist>Appointments tab

  • View any appointments scheduled with the students on the worklist. 

Manager role vs. Advisor role

  • Users with an Advisor role:
    • See alerts only for their own Advisees.
  • Users with a Manager role:
    • See alerts for all Advisees with alerts attached to Advisors from the same school.
    • Have enhanced filtering options in the Worklist.
    • Clicking the "Setup Advisor Appointment Times/Schedule Appointments" link will take the user to the Manager version of the Advisor Appointments page.