Faculty Advisor Alerts Guide

Advisor Alerts notify advisors when a student may require additional advising or academic intervention.

Faculty can trigger alerts from their class or grade rosters in their Albert Faculty Center (not NYU Classes if their school uses this function in Albert. If the school has configured alert criteria, instructors will see an "Advisor Alert" link for each student on the roster. This link directs instructors to select an alert type and to enter comments for the student's advisor.

Alerts vary by school, but typically alerts exist for academic issues, attendance issues, low grades, and others as per school request. After an alert is entered and sent, the Advising Alert column will display "Alerted." Once action has been taken on the alert by the student's advisor, the column will again display "Alert Advisor." Faculty can alert advisors as often as necessary.

Faculty can also use the Advisor Alert system to help the Office of Global Awards identify students that seem to show exceptional promise in two categories of Global Awards:

1. GLOBAL AWARDS ACADEMIC indicates the student has potential for graduate school and for research. They are often well ahead of their peers in their understanding of the subject and/or have a knack for independent research. These are the students faculty might note in a recommendation as being among the best they've seen in X years.

2. GLOBAL AWARDS LEADERSHIP indicates that the student has either displayed in class or recounted to you instances of their leadership. This does not necessarily mean they've shown some kind of charismatic authority; rather they appear to have an instinct for working with others to accomplish a common goal (planning, organizing and following through), or that they've gone out of their way to think about how their academic work translates or connects to their work in other organizations. They've demonstrated internal motivation, self-reflection, drive and grit.


Navigation: Albert>Faculty/Advisor Center>My Courses

  1. Navigate to class roster or grade roster that includes the student for whom you want to create an alert.
  2. Click "Alert Advisor" in the row where the student's name appears.
  3. The system will check to see if the student's home school is using Advisor Alerts. If not, the custom message setup for the student's home school will appear. Click "OK" to return to your roster.
  4. If the student's home school does participate in the alerts, then another check will take place to ensure the student has an advisor assigned in Albert. If no advisor is linked to the student in Albert, then the custom message for the student's home school will appear. Click "OK" to return to your roster.
  5. If the student's home school participates in Advisor Alerts, and the student is assigned an advisor, a new page will appear prompting you to select an alert type from the drop-down menu and provide an (optional) comment.
  6. Select the appropriate alert from the drop down menu.
  7. Enter comments as needed.
  8. You can add multiple alerts at one time by using the + (plus) button to add a new row.
  9. Click "Submit" when done, then confirm your entry by clicking "OK" on the confirmation screen.
  10. Click "Return to Roster" if you want to return without saving.
  11. Once an alert has been submitted for a student, the status on the roster will change to "Alerted." You are able to edit the comments once an alert has been submitted if the advisor has not already taken action on the alert. Simply click on "Alerted" to edit the comments as necessary.
  12. Once the advisor has reviewed and completed the alert, the status will change back to "Alert Advisor;" this is your indication that some action has been taken by the advisor regarding this alert.