What is a NetID?

All NYU faculty, staff, and matriculated students enrolled in degree or diploma programs, are provided with an NYU NetID (Network IDentification). Your NetID is a combination of your initials and a few numbers, (e.g., aqe123).  Once activated, your NetID provides access to authorized NYU online services and applications.  Your NetID is also used to create your default NYU Email address (e.g., aqe123@nyu.edu).

Where can I find my NetID?

Back of NYU ID card

How can I activate my NetID?

  1. Visit the NYU Start Page: start.nyu.edu.
  2. Enter your NYU NetID
  3. Agree to the terms, update your email address and birth date, and set a password. If you plan to access your email via a mobile device or desktop email program, you will also need to set a Google Apps password.

What do I do if I don't know or I forgot my NetID?

What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you have previously registered a non-NYU email address in one of NYU's systems

Request a password reset link:

1.      Go to the NYU Start Page (start.nyu.edu).

2.      Click on Reset Password.

3.      Enter your NetID

4.      To reset your password, select Security Questions, Recovery Emaill, or Mobile App. (You may not see all of these options depending on what you have previously setup.)

5.      Follow the steps for the option you selected.  If you are unable to you must contact NYU IT, to have them manually reset your password.  You will need to provide them with information to confirm your identity.

How can I change my password?

You can change your NetID password (also known as your NYUHome password) at any time, provided that you know your current password and it has not yet expired.

1. Go to the NYU Start Page (start.nyu.edu)

2. Login with your NetID and password.

3. Click on Change NetID Password.