A radical commitment to your wellbeing

Make connections with other peers ✓
Learn practical, real-world skills to support your wellbeing ✓
Acquire a resume-building certification to further your career goals ✓

RADical Health takes place over 4 in-person sessions:

  • Part 1 | Strengthening Emotional Intelligence
  • Part 2 | Principles & Priorities
  • Part 3 | Building Resilience
  • Part 4 | Creating Positive Outcomes for Yourself & Others


More About NYU RADical Health

This interactive four-part program provides you with critical wellbeing resources in a small cohort setting to empower your academic journey, and beyond, with confidence and connections.

Through inspirational videos, resources, and engaging discussions with your cohort, you’ll learn how to practice:


Active listening


Time management

And other critical, real-world skills — all while hanging out with other peers in a supportive, curious, and innovative space!

"It's surprisingly hard to be a competent, functioning human being in this day and age. RH helps you out in that department. And it forces you to recover the social skills you probably lost after the pandemic. It’s a win-win situation." — Student, NYU
"I go to the gym to take care of my body; RADical Health helps me take care of my wellbeing, which is equally necessary." — Student, NYU
"I found RADical Health so helpful I took it twice." — Student, NYU

Need one more reason to join?

All students who complete the program will have the opportunity to get a "Career Accelerator" certification through the NYU Wasserman Center for Career Development to add to their resume!

RADical Hope is committed to breaking the grip of emotional isolation that is hurting so many of our young people. They identify, fund and partner with exceptional programs that improve connection and can be delivered in communities across America.