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The Residential College at the Paulson Center - our newest residence hall - is home to over 400 new first-year residents, 15 Resident Assistants (RAs), two Faculty-Fellows-in-Residence (FFIRs), eight Faculty Affiliates (FAs), and two residential life professional staff members.

New York University’s Residential College at the Paulson Center is an incubator for questions. This might seem counterintuitive if you think about undergraduate education as providing students with knowledge.  But the Residential College embraces our belief that education (and life!) is not about answers – it’s about questions.  It’s about the curiosity and confidence to learn actively, seek new perspectives, make the invisible visible, and apply new learning.  We’re training students to transform the world.  Is that too tall an order for a first-year student - possibly a little intimidating, or even an impossible task? The Residential College makes the process – from inquiry, to innovation, and finally to impact – accessible through organizing and breaking down these ideas. The Residential College provides a welcoming and supportive network for students to challenge and stretch themselves socially, intellectually, and academically, including through the radical act of asking questions that don’t have simple answers.

First-year students will be sorted into houses based on their preference(s) and interests as indicated on the housing application. And, unlike other residence halls, if you live in the Residential College at the Paulson Center, one of your first year classes will be exclusively filled with other students living in the residence hall and provide extracurricular programming to explore the concepts of inquiry, innovation & impact.

The Residential College provides unique & exciting opportunities for residents to engage with one another and faculty and staff at the university to create a greater sense of connection and belonging.  Some of the programming that will be offered exclusively to Residential College residents include:

  • House Mixers
  • Reception with Faculty & Staff Leadership
  • Leadership retreats & workshops
  • Dinners with Deans

Additionally, programs that are offered across the FYRE halls will be a part of the experience including a FYRE Scavenger Hunt, What to Expect Your First Semester of College, Clean Week, Heart Your Parts, Study Away Dinner Series, and more.

All members of the Residential College team are here to provide and maintain a vibrant and welcoming community. Our residents are encouraged to join Hall Council as an elected representative, or serve as a Floor Representative to the Council. The Paulson Center Residence Hall has many lounges and study spaces for students to gather and network. To learn more about the amenities and the hall itself, please see the Paulson Center Residence Hall page

If you have any questions regarding the Residential College, please email Kerri Smith, Associate Director for Faculty Programs at kerri.smith@nyu.edu. 

What are the "Houses?"

The Residential College at the Paulson Center residence hall has six topical “houses” uniting groups of first-year students sharing interest in a particular theme. The houses are dedicated to helping first-year students explore these content areas in engaging and meaningful ways through exciting trips, speakers, discussions and other excursions throughout the city.

While first-year students will be officially aligned with a primary house, they are welcome to participate in other house events whenever possible. House members will not be placed on any particular floor, but rather will be dispersed throughout the building – allowing residents to get to know a lot more people in the community than just those on their floor. Learn more about each building’s unique houses by clicking on the links below!

How do I apply for the Residential College?

In order to apply, you will complete the Themed Engagement Community section of the 2024-2025 first-year housing application in the housing portal via NYU Home. You will be able to list up to 2 preferences for the houses and be asked to provide a short essay sharing what you would contribute to the houses or communities you listed in your application. 

Please note: the Paulson Center residence hall will not appear as a residence hall preference in the Fall 2024-2025 First Year housing application because it will only be used to house students who have applied for and been accepted to the residential college program.

Frequently Asked Questions