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New York University’s Residential Colleges at Goddard Hall and Broome Street provide holistic learning experiences to our community members. These small, interconnected, student-driven residential communities are grounded in support through intentional interactions and reflective exploration.

During and after their time living in the Residential Colleges at NYU, students will make a positive social impact as responsible community members.

Residential College students apply to live in the college and are part of Engagement Streams associated with their hall in order to create strong connections throughout the building and may choose to participate in their building’s Hall Council. Through these opportunities and interactions with the Building Leadership Team (BLT), Faculty Fellows in Residence (FFiRs), Faculty Affiliates (FAs), and Resident Assistant team, residents of Goddard Hall and Broome Street are part of a legacy that can that can shape their entire college career and beyond as alumni.

Goddard Hall & Broome Street

What are Engagement Streams?

Goddard and Broome both have several topical “streams” associated with their building, uniting groups of students sharing interest in a particular theme. Each stream is led by one of the Faculty Affiliates and Resident Assistants.

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