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Review the FAQs for specific roles below. With additional questions feel welcome to reach out to reslife.ra@nyu.edu.

What are the benefits of serving in a role?

If I serve in a role will my Financial Aid package be impacted?

What are the requirements to serve in a role?

What is the selection process for the role?

Do I have a say in what buildings I'll be considered for?

Do I need to submit a housing deposit if I'm in a selection process?

Whom should I list as my reference? Do they need to write and send a letter of recommendation to you?

I'm an international student. Can I apply for roles?

Is it required that applicants have experience living in University housing?

What are the differences in RA rooms and the number of nights serving as RA@Home across campus? What are the differences in Summer roles?

How many residents would be on my floor(s) if I serve as an RA?

I can't log into the application. What do I do?