Our residence hall staff oversee the daily operations and community development of our residence halls. Each residence hall is lead by a Residence Hall Director and typically is supported by a Residence Hall Assistant Director and a Residence Hall Resource Manager. These staff are supported by our paraprofessional staff, including our Resident Assistants. A detailed description of each of these roles is provided below. 

The Residence Hall Director (RHD) directs all aspects of the programs and services for the assigned residence hall (both the community development as well as the housing operations), provides crisis intervention to residents, and advises students and collaborates with staff and faculty to create living/learning communities that enrich the students' University experience. The RHD also develops and implements residential learning community programs and initiatives, enhancing student development.

The Residence Hall Assistant Director (RHAD) manages the residence hall's day-to-day community development initiatives and programs in an effort to create residential living/learning communities. This person provides crisis intervention to residents, assesses nature of problems and helps residents find constructive solutions.

The Residence Hall Resource Manager (RHRM) is responsible for managing the resource center of the residence hall, overseeing many of the administrative processes in the hall like check-in/opening day, room condition status, room changes, room key management and guest passes. The RHRM serves as liaison between students, staff, and Facilities Operations. They create a welcoming environment for the hall and deal with onsite crisis management.

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