About U-Hall

University Hall (referred to by everyone at NYU as UHall) is home to 606 residents. We have 14 Resident Assistants (RAs), one Resource Center Assistant (RCA), two Faculty Fellows-in-Residence, and a Themed Engagement Community. The staff and Faculty Fellows are here to create and maintain a vibrant and exciting community. If you are interested in shaping the community at UHall you should consider running for a position on the UHall Parliament (UP), or serve as a Floor Representative to the Council. UHall has a TV lounge, a music practice room with a piano, a small conference room with a printing station, and a study lounge. It’s also home to fast casual dining options and a branch of the University Learning Center - NYU’s peer tutoring center. Check out our social media (@uhallnyu)!

Accessibility at University Hall

Building Accessibility

This hall has an accessible entrance located on 11th St and 3rd Ave. Accommodations in this building include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Suites without carpet
  • Wheelchair and mobility-related modified suites
  • Access to kitchens
  • Suites with visual fire alarms for the hearing impaired

For more information about accessible housing, including information on other types of accommodations available and those that are available in any building, please visit the Moses Center for Student Accessibility and find other information on Accessible Housing.

Location Accessibility

This hall is located approximately 0.5 miles (0.8 km) from Washington Square Park. The closest NYU Shuttle stop is at 13th St and 3rd Ave, served by the Route C Shuttle. The closest dining location is NYU Eats at Third North, located within the building.

Note: NYU is currently engaged in a comprehensive review to enhance accessibility throughout its residence halls. The information listed above is subject to change and updates as the project progresses.

Residence Hall Professional Staff


Morgan Vinson-Watson

Residence Hall Director
Phone: 212-443-3605



Betty Williams

Residence Hall Resource Manager
Phone: 212-443-3600


Mike Palazzo

Residence Hall Assistant Director
Phone: 212-443-3607


Patrick Deer

Faculty Fellow in Residence

College of Arts and Science


Kathleen Woolf

Faculty Fellow in Residence

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development