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Philo Streaming

Say Hello to Philo!

Philo gives you live TV + DVR on any device.  Your favorite devices, anywhere on the campus network, no setup required. Stream anytime at

Ways to Watch

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Connect Philo to your TV via Roku.  Visit support for details on setting up. 

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Go to to start watching Philo on your computer. 

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Mobile Devices

Text philo to 62687 for iOS and Android download links.


How is Philo different from regular TV?

Philo lets you watch live TV on your TV, computer, phone, or tablet, anywhere on campus. Plus, it lets you record shows for later with your personal Philo DVR. It's TV that's built to fit your life.

Where is Philo available?

You can watch Philo anywhere on the Washington Square area campus as long as you're connected to the university wireless network.  Philo is not available off campus and cannot be accessed via VPN connections.

Can everyone watch Philo?

If you live in most residence halls, you can watch a full lineup of premium channels.  Philo can only be viewed on one device at a time.

Do I have to pay?

Nope!  Philo is included in your housing fees at no additional cost.