Emergency Management Revisions

New York University is committed to ensuring that students with disabilities have equal access to NYU’s housing programs and resources. As part of that commitment, NYU continuously strives to enhance the accessibility of its student housing, including by reviewing and updating its policies and procedures as necessary to ensure that they comply with NYU’s obligations and meet the needs of its students with disabilities.

As part of these efforts, NYU is in the process of reviewing and updating its emergency evacuation, sheltering, and sheltering-in-place plans as those plans relate to student housing, with the goal of ensuring that persons with disabilities are provided with a full and equal opportunity to benefit from these services in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of the individuals.  

Community Comments

NYU invites input from the NYU community on these residence hall emergency plans. Comments and suggestions on these plans from our community members are encouraged, and all written comments received will be considered before these plans are finalized. The emergency plans were available for comment from the NYU community beginning September 19, 2023, and through October 19, 2023, following which they will be finalized and posted on the NYU website and in printed form. Of course, even after the emergency plans are finalized and implemented, NYU will continue to update and improve them as appropriate.  

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Should you wish, you may also submit a comment or suggestion via e-mail to Emergency-Plan-Comment-Inbox@nyu.edu. You may also submit a comment or suggestion in hard copy via in person delivery to the Emergency Plan Comment Inbox at the NYU Office of General Counsel (located on the 11th floor of Bobst Library). 

Regardless of the format of comment submission, please note that written comments should not include personal or private information about any person, as all written comments may be shared with third parties as necessary to comply with NYU’s legal obligations.