1. Only Spring 2019 undergraduate residents and undergraduate students that have maintained their renewable housing status are able to participate in the the Undergraduate Housing Reapplication and Room Selection process. Students are considered renewable if they accepted the offer of housing upon admission to the University, have met all housing application and payment deadlines, have maintained matriculated status, and have not canceled their housing contract (school-approved medical leaves and NYU study away programs are the only exception).
  2. The Undergraduate Housing Reapplication and Room Selection process is voluntary. Only eligible students who want to secure NYU-NY housing for the 2019-2020 academic year or wish to maintain their renewable guaranteed housing status while studying away from NYU-NY must participate in this process.
  3. Students who do not complete both steps of Phase 1 (the online reapplication and $1000 reservation payment) will lose their renewable guaranteed housing status and will only be eligible to apply for on-campus housing through the non-renewable non-guaranteed housing application.
  4. Students who complete Phase 1 of the Undergraduate Housing Reapplication and Room Selection process are bound to the terms of the 2019-2020 Housing License. The Housing License is a 9-month financial commitment for the full academic year, both Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 terms, and can only be canceled in accordance with the terms specified within the license.
  5. Students who have completed Phase 1 are guaranteed housing and are eligible to participate in Phase 2. Failure to participate in Phase 2 does not cancel your Housing License.
  6. Though students who complete Phase 1 are guaranteed housing, they are not guaranteed placement into a preferred residence hall, room type, room rate, or with preferred roommates.
  7. Registering a group during Phase 1 provides group members with the ability to participate in room selection (Phase 2) at the same time. It does not guarantee placement together in a room or residence hall.
  8. Students who are accepted into a Themed Engagement Community will only be able to select into predetermined community spaces. Once accepted, students cannot cancel their Themed Engagement Community application. 
  9. Once a student has confirmed a space during Phase 2, the space cannot be changed. Students unsatisfied with their space will have the opportunity to submit a room change that will be considered after Phase 2 room selection closes.
  10. In the event that fall-only housing is utilized, students who select or are assigned into these spaces will be required to vacate their assignment at the end of the fall semester.
  11. Due to high demand for housing, not all students will be able to select a room during Phase 2. Students who do not participate in Phase 2 or are unable to select a room will be administratively assigned over the summer to spaces in either Manhattan or Brooklyn, regardless of school, based on space availability.
  12. In an effort to create more housing options for incoming and existing residents, ensure equity, and maximize use of available space, the University will actively seek to consolidate vacancies within the University Housing system. The hall, room, and/or roommates selected through this process may be changed if necessary for consolidation purposes.
  13. Students who select spaces in Third North and Othmer which are designated as "Fall-only" will be required to vacate their assignment no later than December 21, 2019.  Those who are continuing their studies at NYU-NY for the Spring 2020 term will be able to transition into their Spring 2020 assignments by December 21, 2019, as directed by residence hall staff.