We offer a gender inclusive housing assignment preference for all students, referred to as "gender neutral" housing. Gender neutral housing allows residents to be assigned to rooms/suites regardless of legal sexSlightly over 11% of upperclass residents, and 1.5% of first-year residents opt into this assignment preference.

For those interested in gender inclusive housing, please note that one's gender identity information can be updated via Albert in NYU Home.  This cannot be done separately in the housing application.  

  • Legal sex is not an assignment factor for students who indicate a gender neutral preference during the housing application process. By selecting this preference, students commit to living in a bedroom or suite occupied by other students who also prefer gender inclusive housing, regardless of their legal sex.
  • Should a vacancy arise within a gender neutral suite, this space will be filled by any applicant that has a gender neutral preference, whether or not the residents ensuite know the applicant. Applicants who select the gender neutral preference should therefore be willing to live with any other student who is participating in gender inclusive housing.
  • Gender inclusive participants will receive placement within the same bedroom and suite as other gender inclusive residents. This means that the students living within the resident's immediate bedroom and/or suite can be of any legal sex.
  • Participants can request to be assigned with others who match their gender identity.  If no gender identity has been noted in Albert, gender identity will not be a factor in the housing assignment process.
  • Participants who change their mind about gender inclusive living can submit a request to change their preference from gender neutral to their legal sex, with the understanding that our ability to accommodate requests for such changes are contingent upon space availability and timing of the submitted request.  Please keep in mind that we typically operate at full capacity in the Fall term, often making it difficult to change one's assignment preference until the end of December. To submit a request, please email housing@nyu.edu from your NYU email address.

Important: In the event that space is not available to accommodate gender inclusive application preferences, students who have elected to participate in gender inclusive housing will be assigned based on their legal sex.