The Application Process

Once a new first-year undergraduate student has accepted admission to NYU, they will be able to access the housing application on the NYU Home Housing Forms channel.

Students admitted prior to April 30, 2021 must complete their 2021-2022 housing applications and submit the $1,000 housing reservation payment by May 1, 2021.

Students admitted after May 1, 2021 must complete their 2021-2022 housing applications and submit the $1,000 housing reservation payment by the enrollment deadline provided by the Admissions Office.

Important Note:  In order to live on campus, all students MUST comply with the July 15, 2021 deadline to submit required immunization records to NYU Health Services.

The Assignment Process  

A key experience of a college education is the opportunity to live and study with people from diverse backgrounds. This is uniquely true at NYU, where students are prepared to enter an increasingly global society by studying at campuses throughout the world. For this reason, geographic diversity is a primary variable in the room assignment process for first year students. This model reflects the University’s value that students should network across geographic differences.

It is important to note that application preferences are not always met due to competing demand and space availability. We do our best to meet as many requests as possible, but preferences are not guaranteed.

  • The following criteria and application preferences are considered when assignments are made for incoming first-year residents:
    • School location (Brooklyn residence halls are required for Tandon School residents, Manhattan residence halls are required for all other schools)
    • Reasonable accommodations for medical needs which are reviewed and approved by The Moses Center by their May 1st reasonable housing application deadline
    • Applications for themed engagement communities (Residential College, Explorations Programs)
    • Gender identity or legal sex
    • Geographic diversity
    • Preference for lower cost housing
    • Residence Hall preference/ranking
    • Responses to the housing lifestyle questionnaire (which carry the least weight in the process)
  • Early Decision Admitted students are not assigned in advance of other admitted students, and do not receive priority in the housing assignment process.  The benefits of early decision admission are connected with admission to the University, but not to housing assignments. 
  • NYU makes roommate assignments for incoming first year students based on geographic diversity, application preferences, and space availability.  New incoming first year students may not request specific roommates.  If you feel that you have an extraordinary, extenuating circumstance, you can send a detailed appeal to Ms. Delores Fuller at for consideration.

Anticipated Fall 2021 Assignment Communication Timeline:

Please note, all students do not receive assignment notices at the same time.

The following is a brief outline of what to expect over the course of the summer. While waiting longer for an assignment may not seem ideal, we find that we are often better able to meet more application preferences as we wait for fall-term attendance to be finalized. (During this time of year, it is not unusual for students to defer their admission, take a medical or personal leave of absence, or even withdraw. Once such cancellations are processed, we are able to make more assignments.) 

  • July 2021: Approximately 75% of incoming first-year residents will receive assignment notices by mid-July. Their "actual" housing charges will appear on their bills from the Bursar. Approximately 25% of incoming first-year residents remain unassigned, and will have "estimated" housing charges on their bills from the Bursar. Actual charges will replace the estimated charges when assignments are finalized.
  • August 2021: Approximately 25% of incoming first-year residents will be assigned on a rolling basis as space permits, between mid-July and August 20, 2021. In many cases, but not all, students in this population may have applied late in the housing application period, after the application deadline, or may have been admitted to the University later in the Admissions process. Some first-years may be assigned to temporary first-year communities on floors normally dedicated to upperclass students. In these cases, students will be advised that their assignment is temporary, and notified when a space in a dedicated first-year community becomes available. At that point, the student will be asked to complete their move to their permanent assignment within the next two days.

2019-2020 First-Year Application Statistics

  • The following data from the Fall 2019 term may give you an idea of what to expect while working through the application and assignment process.  (Please note, the data for Fall 2021 will be different based on COVID-19 related considerations.)
    • 49% of students were assigned to their first preference residence hall
    • 82% of students were assigned to one of their top three residence hall preferences
    • 2% of students were assigned to their last residence hall preference
    • 66% of students who applied for a themed engagement community were accepted and assigned to one
    • 92% of first-years live on campus
    • 100% of first-years are required to have a meal plan
    • 97% of bedrooms are shared occupancy (2-3 people)
    • 3% of bedrooms are single occupancy (1 person)