The Office of Residential Life and Housing Services is responsible for the administration and oversight of 20 residence halls and two graduate living communities in Manhattan and Brooklyn, accommodating nearly 11,500 undergraduate and graduate students during the academic year and summer sessions.

Some fast facts to keep in mind:

  • Living on campus is optional.  It is not required, unless NYU-NYC is your study away location for students enrolled at NYU-Shanghai or NYU-Abu Dhabi.
  • Students admitted via the NYU Admissions Office are eligible to submit housing applications.
  • Over 97% of our rooms are shared.  Less than 3% are private rooms.  This means that there is more than a 97% chance that a resident will have a roommate.
  • If a student has a medical need that impacts their housing needs, they should work with the NYU Moses Center for Student Accessibilty to apply for an accessible accommodation.
  • Tandon first year residents are assigned to Brooklyn residence halls only.  First year residents of Manhattan-based schools are assigned to Manhattan residence halls only.  There are no exceptions.
  • Students should be keenly aware of housing cancellation deadlines.  Once the published deadline has passed, there is no open cancellation path unless a resident has been approved by their school for a leave of absence, withdrawal, study away program, or graduation.  
  • Room change requests are reviewed and processed regularly, but our ability to offer a room change is limited based on space availability.  
  • The terms of the housing license are binding for both Fall and Spring semesters for students entering housing in the Fall term.