The most crucial component of apartment hunting in New York City is going into the rental market prepared - knowing what your needs are in comparison to your wants.


Manage your expectations. The newer the apartment, the appliances, the facilities and conveniences - like proximity to a subway or even NYU, means a higher price. Elevators and a doorman add to the price as well. Be open to the possibility of having to live in Brooklyn, Queens or even New Jersey to get a better price and more space.

Know your wants from your must haves -- more than one bathroom or bedroom, quiet neighborhood, closet space, safety of the neighborhood, building amenities; Basically, go into your search knowing what you can live with and what you can't live without!

Terms to Know

The New York City housing market has unique terminology that is commonly used to describe the buildings, apartment types, and amenities.  Additionally, there are specific terms referring to leasing and renting.  We've provided further information to help you familiarize yourself with commonly used language in the real estate market.

Types of Buildings

Apartment Types

Housing Features / Components

Leasing and Renting