The websites on this page are provided to assist you with your search based on feedback from other students who found the sites helpful. Please keep in mind that NYU does not have any relationship with these companies and inclusion on this list does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement; NYU is unable to vet any website or listing, so please conduct your search carefully.

Storage and Moving

We are often asked whether it is better to store belongings over the summer in New York or to mail/drive them home. The answer is, it depends on your individual circumstances:  the distance to home, the amount of material to be moved, whether you prefer to spend money or time, whether your student will need access to belongings over the summer, and other factors.

Lightly-used boxes can often be obtained for free or at low cost from local stores or by searching  Boxes are also for sale at NYU Logistics.

The following companies provide discount or special rates for students and usually require proof of enrollment such as a student ID or use of an NYU email address.

Appliance and Furniture Rental

Need to rent some furniture or other appliances for your new place? Take a look at the resources below to help you make your new apartment your home.

Hotels and Short-Term Stays

There are a number of local hotels that provide discounts to the NYU community, however, we encourage you to also use some of the travel and hotel search engines to help you in your hotel search. A more economical option than hotels might also be some of the short-term options.

Specialty Housing Services

Are you looking for specialized housing (sober living, women's only, etc)? Do you wonder what the cost of utilities will be or how NYC housing costs compares to your current place of residence? These sites can help answer those questions.