Quarantine Dining Information

Updated  9-17-21

Meal information for NYU Students in NYU Housing who are required to precautionary quarantine, quarantine or are in isolation:

The process for meal delivery will be as follows: 

  • You will order three daily meals through Grubhub and your account will be credited with $60 per day to cover breakfast, lunch and dinner. These meals will be delivered to your residence hall by Grubhub, and to your room by NYU staff members. Funds will be added to your account throughout your quarantine period. Please budget accordingly.
  • For students in precautionary quarantine, your initial funding will be for 3 days ($180.00). Should your quarantine period last longer, you will receive additional funds as necessary.
  • For students in quarantine and isolation, your initial funding will be for up to 7 days ($420.00). Should your quarantine period last longer, you will receive additional funds as necessary. As well, an NYU Eats bag of snacks and a case of water will be delivered to your room on your first full day of quarantine or isolation.
  • Note: your Grubhub credit will be emailed to you directly and will say “NYU Eats sent you a Digital Gift Card to Grubhub!” If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder.  
  • You may use your dining credit for deliveries between 9am and 8pm at any Grubhub affiliated off-campus restaurant of your choice. 
  • To learn more about how to use your Grubhub NYU account, please visit this website
  • To ensure that you receive the meal that you ordered please be sure to include your name, building and room number on your Grubhub delivery instructions as well. 
  • To download and affiliate your account with NYU, please follow the instructions on this website
    • Next, affiliate your account with Grubhub Plus. This option will show on your screen when you log in to the app. Restaurants that have a Grubhub Plus affiliation offer free delivery on orders of $12 or more. 
    • Reminder, your account must be affiliated with your NYU email (sxy123@nyu.edu).  
    • Please note, you must follow the above affiliation instructions in order to receive your free delivery for Grubhub Plus orders over $12.  If you do not, you will be charged for delivery.

Additionally, we will equip each student with a microwave and refrigerator throughout your quarantine period so you can order ahead, store and reheat your food safely. Please let us know if you require these items by emailing newdining@nyu.edu

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your quarantine (or isolation) dining, please reach out to us at newdining@nyu.edu from 9am-6pm 7 days a week. For food delivery issues please reach out to your building’s resource center for assistance.